Information Computing and Technology Services
Multimedia Services Team

From left: Chris Motteler, Chad Waters, Matthew Ballengee, Wendy Peterson. Second row: Adam Brewer, Tom Skinner, C.W. Elton, Donna McDonald (Manager). Third row: Norm Collins, Tim Smith, Billy Igoe, Chad Lucas. Fourth row: Michael Davis, Larry Bone, Mike Myles. Back row: Doug Barnum, Sam Saunders, Nate Saunders.

Academic Technologies
Multimedia & Technology Services

As a member of ITCS Academic Technologies, Multimedia & Technology Services (MTS) provides audiovisual and classroom support, multimedia and Web development, videoconferencing, videography and biomedical communication services to the Division of Health Sciences. MTS also oversees the operation of ECU-TV Channel 99. For specific information or to request a project, visit the MTS website.

MTS Management

Multimedia & Technology Services has four teams:

  • ECU-TV and Video Services
  • Technology Services
  • Web Design 
  • AV Technology Support
MTS Management Team

From bottom left: Chad Waters, Matthew Ballengee, Tom Skinner, Nate Saunders and Donna McDonald

ECU TV and Video Services

Clockwise from bottom left: C. W. Elton, Norm Collins, Mike Myles, Sam Saunders and Tom Skinner (Mgr.)

Clockwise from bottom left: C. W. Elton, Norm Collins, Mike Myles, Sam Saunders and Tom Skinner (Mgr.)

ECU-TV and Video Services

ECU-TV is a 24/7 noncommercial television channel on Greenville Suddenlink Cable Channel 99 featuring scientific, scholarly, arts, sports and entertainment programming produced by the Video Services Team. They provide professional electronic media and communication services to the ECU community. From concept to completion, the creative and professional staff handles every aspect of video production.

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AV Technology Support

This team provides audiovisual support for university events including recordings, equipment loan, videoconferencing services and technical support services while also supporting the Telemedicine Center. This team assists in the design and integration of AV systems for auditoriums, boardrooms, classrooms, clinical rooms  and conference rooms.

AV Tech Team

Clockwise from bottom left: Tim Smith, Chad Waters (Mgr.), Chris Motteler, Michael Davis and Billy Igoe. Not pictured: Robbie Spencer and Johnny Stanley

Technology Services Team

Clockwise from left: Nate Saunders (Mgr.), Larry Bone, Adam Brewer

Technology Services

The Technology Services team has two primary support areas: the Instructional Technology Consultant supporting BSOM faculty and the Laupus Computer Lab in the Health Sciences Building.

Web Services Team

Web Services provides support and technical help for Web development to the Division of Health Sciences. They serve as a resource, strategic planner and consultant for departments that need a new website or improved website. They also create animation projects including interactive Flash elements and 3D animations.

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Web Services Team

Clockwise from bottom left: Wendy Peterson, Chad Lucas, Doug Barnum, Matthew Ballengee (Mgr.)

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