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Strategic Information Services

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From left: Skip Kirby - Director; Kim Thorburn, Manager, Database Administration; John Connelly, Specialist, Enterprise Data Management Support Services; Scotty Stroup, Manager, Enterprise Analytics


Comprised of three teams, Database Administration, Enterprise Analytics and Enterprise Data Management Support Services, Strategic Information Services

  • Ensures the security, integrity and availability of ECU's mission-critical data
  • Enables data-driven decision making in support of the university's mission, strategies and objectives
  • Promotes effective management and strategic use of institutional data


Database Administration

The Database Administration team develops and maintains ECU’s enterprise databases, including Banner, ODS, OneCard, AssetWorks, Onestop and many others while also providing consulting for Oracle and SQL Server for new systems development, enhancements and performance. DBA currently supports over 100 databases on Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms.

Specifically, this team ensures efficient, effective and secure operation of the university’s data systems and offers system implementation (installation/configuration), system maintenance (patching, upgrading and migration), disaster recovery (system backup/restore), systems analysis (storage/capacity planning and performance monitoring/tuning) and system/data security (authentication, authorization and auditing).

In addition, DBA offers guidance to staff and developers by establishing and promoting the consistent use of data management, development standards and best practices. DBA also provides oversight and coordination for change management processes in conjunction with the institution’s data-based systems, including and especially Banner and its third-party solutions.

Database Administration Team

From left: Rob Ables, Terry Bell, Kim Thorburn, Dianne Martin, Johnny Grimes

Enterprise Analytics

EA provides primary support for the university's data warehousing (ODS/EDW) and business intelligence (ecuBIC) initiatives. This includes planning, developing and implementing report/analysis solutions through investigation, synthesis, modeling and integration of data residing in Banner and the university's other line-of-business systems.

EA also educates staff in effective reporting and analysis. Where appropriate, EA trains and assists departments in planning and developing custom software-based solutions that automate and enhance business and decision-making processes.

Enterprise Analytics and Enterprise Data Management From left: Scotty Stroup, Mgr., Gray McDonald, Tim Below, Ruben Villasmil, Keith Washer, Kendall Wooden, Delois Waltower, Andy Russell, Todd Vlk, Stephen Coles, Tyler Simerson
John Connelly, Mgr.

John Connelly, Specialist, EDMSS

Enterprise Data Management Support Services

EDMSS collaborates with the campus community to manage ECU's data and information. EDMSS works closely with the committees and project teams that comprise the Enterprise Data Management program, facilitating and coordinating the activities of these and other groups for the purposes of:

  • Fostering a formal process of shared data governance of key data and information management issues such as ownership, accountability, standardization, accuracy, reliability, access and security
  • Leveraging technical systems and other institutional resources to develop evidence-based decision making that increases institutional effectiveness
  • Ensuring that university staff maximize the value of institutional data in completing their work duties