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As a member of Academic Technologies, Multimedia & Technology Services (MTS) provides support for the following state-of-the-art educational technology services.

OnSSI Recording Support
OnSSI is the enterprise recording solution that manages audio/video recordings for HIPAA, PHI and clinical/academic proctoring. MTS works with faculty and staff to capture and archive recordings. For more information, contact Chris Motteler at 252-744-1300 or mottelerc@ecu.edu.
Telemedicine Support
MTS provides technical support to the Telemedicine Center, including HIPAA-compliant equipment selection, network requirements, equipment installation and technical training for on-site IT personnel. Day-to-day services include technical support for telemedicine consultations, hardware and software maintenance and support, troubleshooting equipment and networking issues and maintaining HIPAA and security requirements. For more information, contact Johnny Stanley at 252-744-2136 or stanleyjo@ecu.edu.
Instructional Technology Consultant for the Brody School of Medicine (BSOM)
The Instructional Technology Consultant (ITC) supports BSOM faculty who teach medical students, graduate students and residents. Provides training and support at Brody for Blackboard as well as Turning Point audience response, Camtasia screen capture and other technologies. The Brody ITC also manages Mediasite recordings for Brody 2N-86, Brody 2S-04 and Brody 2E-100 and oversees the medical student computer lab in Brody.
Brody Room Support
Provides audiovisual support for events located in the Brody School of Medicine (BSOM) 2 West area, commons and auditorium. For more information contact Johnny Stanley at 252-744-2136 or stanleyjo@ecu.edu.
Videoconference Scheduling
Provides consultation, coordination, scheduling and monitoring of videoconferencing activities for the university. For more information contact Johnny Stanley at 252-744-2136 or videoconferencing@ecu.edu.
Technology Services @ Laupus
Provides workstation and technology support to Laupus Library personnel. Manages services offered in the Laupus Library including the equipment loan program, poster printing and OpScan exam grading. Also provides Walk-In IT Help Desk support for faculty/staff on the Health Sciences campus. For more information contact Nate Saunders at 252-744-3499 or saundersn@ecu.edu.
Video Services
Services include event video capture (conferences, lectures or events) using Mediasite, converting old tapes to digital format, ITCS web videos and project videos for educational or research purposes. For more information, contact Donna McDonald at 252-744-2228 or mcdonaldd@ecu.edu.