Announce Listserv FAQ

Who may use Announce?

Announce is for ECU faculty and staff through their ECU e-mail account publicizing ECU-related information. It is not used to solicit charitable contributions for any event unless the event is sponsored by ECU or one of its units or a formally recognized ECU student organization.

How long does it take to get access?

The subscription request is forwarded to the list owner who then approves or denies the request. This process usually takes 1-2 working days.

How do I post a message to the list?

Address an email to:

  1. Type the message to be distributed to the list
  2. Send the message

How do I remove my email address from Announce?

  1. Address an email to:
  2. No subject or signature file
  3. Type the message: SIGNOFF announce
  4. Send the email

Why has my message been rejected?

Did you use a different email account to post the message?

Always use the same email account to post messages that you used to subscribe to the list; otherwise, you will not be recognized as a user.

How do I turn off receipt of Announce mail?

Address an email to:

  1. No subject or signature file
  2. Type the message: SET announce NOMAIL
  3. Send the email

When a message is posted to Announce, by default, the author is sent a confirmation message. To get a copy of the email in its entirety, do the following:

Address an email to:

  1. No subject or signature file
  2. Type the message: SET announce REPRO
  3. Send the email

What are some of the other features of the Announce listserv?

Announce is a listserv. See these listserv commands to learn more. Listserv Commands

May I post notices and flyers about fund raising events for community charities and other causes to Announce?

The State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) is the only officially authorized event for canvassing and promoting voluntary donations from ECU employees to external organizations. This campaign is conducted annually in the fall.  However, Announce can be used from time to time to draw attention to officially sanctioned events and activities provided they originate from and/or significantly benefit an ECU unit, activity, or official organization. The rule of thumb is that 50% or more of the proceeds of any event publicized should go toward the ECU-related organization/club/activity or the service activity/cause should be a primary outreach for an ECU unit/club/activity. In addition, the guideline for only a single posting also applies. Users should refrain from posting or reposting fund raising and charity event notices from external sources (churches, businesses, etc.) that are not directly related to ECU.