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The Announce listserv allows faculty and staff to send an email message to any ECU user subscribed to the list. Topics include news, maintenance, deadlines, campus events, facilities, opportunities and other ECU-related information.

To receive Announce messages, users subscribe using their ECU e-mail account. The list is not moderated, so messages are distributed immediately. Each message should follow the Announce Guidelines listed below.


  1. Do not post the same message more than once.
  2. Check a message for accuracy before sending.
  3. Do not post personal messages or questions to the list.
  4. Messages should use upper and lower case letters rather than ALL CAPS. An entire message in all caps signals anger. It is acceptable to EMPHASIZE a word or phrase with all caps.
  5. Always include a subject with the message.

Solicitation Policy

Announce is for ECU business only. University policy prohibits personal "door-to-door" solicitation by all users, including faculty, staff, ECU clubs and ECU organizations. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Canvassing - to solicit orders, political support or to determine opinions or sentiments
  • Peddling - to sell or offer for sale
  • Soliciting - to approach with a request or plea

Questions or concerns regarding this policy should be directed to the University Attorney's office.

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