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ECU Calendar

Dashboard Settings

Left Menu

The menu on the left provides links to your profile, your calendar, messages, friends & places and photos. This is also where you edit profile settings. The menu across the top provides the same links.

My Profile

Displays any plans you have made or activities you have scheduled along with your profile picture.

My Calendar

Your personal calendar displaying events you are attending. My Calendar shows your events one month at a time.


Send messages to people you have designated as friends.


Leave reviews for events you have attended or places you have been.

Friends & Places

Add friends and your favorite places to be notified when a friend is attending an event or when events are being held in your favorite places.


Upload photos to use in your profile or in new events. Size your images to 200x150 before uploading to avoid auto-cropping.


This lists any calendar groups in which you are a member.


Allows you to manage uploaded photos.

Edit Profile

Enter more information about yourself; change out your profile photo.


Customize account settings, notifications and privacy settings.
  • Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your calendar account in account settings to add your events to Facebook directly from the calendar.
  • Link your Facebook account to your calendar account to be prompted to share your plans on your Facebook wall.
  • Link your Twitter account to your calendar account to be able to tweet the event’s hashtag (if one has been defined for the event) and be automatically marked as going to the event.
  • If you have added the event to your calendar you will be reminded by email that you have chosen to attend an event. If there are changes to the event, you will also be notified by email.
  • When viewing events, add the event to your iCal & Outlook calendar and/or your Google calendar. Just subscribe to the calendar(s) and either download the event (for iCal & Outlook) or log in (for Google Calendar) to see the option to add the event to your calendar.

* If you’ve completed all the steps to submit an event and still have questions, email

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