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Requirements for Approval

  • If no contact information is given, then the event will not be approved.
  • A title, description, contact email or phone number, and start date are required at a minimum. The more information provided the more likely the event will be approved.

Steps to Submit an Event

  1. Log in with your Pirate ID and passphrase.
  2. Click “Submit an Event” buttton.
  3. Enter the name (required).
  4. Enter a detailed description of the event (required). If you wish the event to be featured on, include the reason in the description and select the “Featured Event” event type later in the directions.
  5. Enter the date of the event (required). At this point all required information is entered, however the more information you provide the better.
  6. Enter the start time for the event (not required but preferred so it will appear correctly on the mobile calendar)
  7. Enter the end time for the event (not required but preferred so it will appear correctly on the mobile calendar)
  8. Select if the event is a recurring event.
  9. Enter the location of the event. Most of the locations on campus have been entered into the calendar so as you start to type your event location, suggestions will appear. Most locations also have images associated with them. The image will be displayed for the event unless you choose to upload a different image.
  10. Enter the room number of the location if there is one.
  11. If the location was not already added to the calendar then enter the physical address. A Google map will be displayed on the event website if Google can find the location address.
  12. Add the event’s website address if there is one.
  13. Add the event’s Facebook Event Page link if there is one.
  14. Upload a photo if you have one. Please make sure you size your image to 4:3 ratio ( 640x480 ) before uploading to avoid auto cropping.
  15. Choose the Event Type from the drop-down menu. You can choose more than one event type by returning to the drop-down menu and selecting each of the event types you want. The “Feature Event” should be selected if you would like the event placed on the website.
  16. Choose the Department from the drop-down menu. The Department is the college, department or other unit that the event is associated with. You can choose more than one department by returning to the drop-down menu and selecting each of the departments you want. If your department automatically pulls events from ECU Calendar onto a web page, it is important to choose the correct department so the events feed will work properly.
  17. Choose a Target Audience.
  18. Choose a group if the event is associated with one. You can only choose one.
  19. If the event is free, leave the Ticket Cost field blank otherwise input the cost of a ticket to the event.
  20. The website where the tickets can be purchased.
  21. Enter a contact name for the person who can answer questions about the event.
  22. Enter a phone number where questions about the event can be directed.
  23. Enter an email address where questions about the event can be directed.
  24. Click Add Event button once all information has been added.
Your event will be sent to the calendar administrator for approval. If you are a Trusted User, your event will be published to the university events calendar automatically.

* If you’ve completed all the steps to submit an event and still have questions, email

Add an Event

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