Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

I forgot my password, what should I do?

SabaMeeting utilizes your ECU passphrase. If you are having problems accessing ECU systems with your Pirate ID and passphrase, visit to change or reset your ECU passphrase.

What is the difference between Meeting, Classroom, and Webinar events?

Meeting -Basic tool for sessions with small groups. Students have the ability to setup Meeting events. Limited to 200 participants, enrolled by e-mail address.

Classroom -Only ECU faculty and staff have the ability to setup Classroom events. Up to 1,000 participants. Faculty/Staff can enroll an entire class-group all at once rather than one at a time, and have the ability to set people as co-presenter ahead of time. Has breakout room and quizzing features not available in Meeting events.

Webinar -Webinar is a very limited tool that comes with Classroom. We do not recommend the use of Webinar because of its limitations and because our license that allows for unlimited use of Classroom.

What assistance is provided by Saba Meeting for students who are hearing or visually impaired?

Saba Meeting is fully compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Act. For students who are hearing impaired, Saba Meeting enables instructors to assign a captionist. Closed captions then scroll across the bottom of the screen for all to see both during the event as well as after the event in the playback. For students who are visually impaired, Saba Meeting provides keyboard shortcuts for all in-session functions, it is compatible with screen readers such as JAWS and Narrator, and it provides 10 different auditory alerts which can be set up to notify students of session occurrences. For more information, contact Disability Support Services by email at or by phone at 252.737.1016.

Does it cost me anything to use the Saba Meeting Client?

No. There is no additional cost associated with using the Saba Meeting client other than the technology fees students pay each semester.
How do I test my Internet connection speed?
The following website contains methods to test your current Internet connection speed. Please be advised that results may vary.

How can I test to see if my system will work properly with Saba Meeting?

You can make sure your system is capable of running Saba Meeting by creating your own event in SabaMeeting by clicking on the "Schedule Meeting" link (if you are a student), or the “Schedule Classroom” link (if you are faculty/staff), and attempting to enter that meeting.

What do I do if Saba Meeting tells me I'm already logged in?

Most likely you already have another browser window open which has already been logged into Saba Meeting. Check your task bar at the bottom of the screen for other instances of the browser. Once you locate this browser window, you can use it instead of logging in a second time to Saba Meeting. If this is not the case, check to see if you are logged in to Saba Meeting from any other computers you may have at your home or at work. If this still doesn't work, you should shutdown and reboot your computer and then try it again. It is against university policy to share your Saba Meeting account credentials with anyone - it is for your use only! Violators of this policy will be reported to the university authorities. If you suspect that someone else has been using your account, contact us immediately, and we can check the Saba Meeting logs. Also, follow the standard procedure for changing your ECU passphrase.

What happens if I get kicked out of Saba Meeting?

Ensure that your Internet connection is sufficient to run Saba Meeting. We recommend that all users not use wireless, but instead use a wired connection to connect to Saba Meeting due to the unreliability of wireless connections. If you do get kicked out of Saba Meeting, there may be a 30-second window after getting kicked out where it will tell you that you are still logged in if you try to reenter. Wait 60 seconds before reentering to ensure that Saba Meeting has enough time to recognize that you have exited. The more times you try to enter too soon, the longer the delay in getting back into the session.

Participant FAQs

Why can I hear everyone speaking but they can't hear me?

This problem has several possibilities.
  1. Make sure you have permission to use the microphone. The instructor gives participants the ability to speak to the class by activating the microphone symbol to the left of your name in the participant list. If you don’t have this, you won’t be heard.

  2. You must press and hold the CTRL or F12 key (or the Option or left quote key on a Mac) the entire time you are speaking. It is a good idea to press the key a few seconds before you start speaking to ensure the microphone has started transmitting.

  3. Some microphones have an on/off switch on the cord, ensure that the switch is on.
  4. Make sure that the microphone jack is plugged firmly into the microphone sound card port on the back of the computer (a sound card typically has three ports, microphone, speaker and line out. The microphone is usually color coded pink.
  5. Run the SabaMeeting Audio Wizard by selecting the drop down to the right of the microphone icon. Use this to ensure that you have the correct microphone selected for computers with multiple microphone inputs.

Where can I download the SabaMeeting app for my mobile device?

The iPhone/iPad app for SabaMeeting can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store. The Android app for SabaMeeting can be downloaded for free from the Android Google Play Marketplace. You will also need to complete a one time setup of the app to run SabaMeeting at ECU. Click Here to access the full SabaMeeting mobile app tutorial.

How do I configure SabaMeeting Server Name and Domain Name for the SabaMeeting on my mobile device?

SabaMeeting Server: Domain Name: Customers/ecu

Please note that both Server and Domain Name are case sensitive.

You will also need to set a SabaMeeting mobile app password by logging into SabaMeeting, clicking on My Profile and entering your password into the Password fields provided.

What happens if I can’t attend the live session within SabaMeeting?

All distance learning classes using SabaMeeting at East Carolina University can be recorded and made available by the instructor for playback anytime, anywhere. At your convenience, simply log in to SabaMeeting using your account, click on the "Recordings" or "Past" tab, locate the missed session, and click the "playback" link.

Client Installation/Connectivity FAQs

How do I get the SabaMeeting client installed on my machine?

The first time that you try to join a SabaMeeting event, you should be prompted to download and install the SabaMeeting client. If the client does not install automatically, log in to SabaMeeting ( and click "Downloads". Next, click App Installer and follow the instructions to download and install the SabaMeeting client onto your computer. If you encounter any problems, check with you local IT consultant to ensure that you have permission to install programs on your computer.
Why is my audio sounding choppy and/or the graphics not loading properly?
SabaMeeting requires a certain consistent bandwidth to function correctly. Each feature in SabaMeeting requires a certain minimum amount of bandwidth; any less than this and video, audio and/or slides could be dropped. We also recommend that you use a wired connection rather than wireless. Your Internet service provider (ISP) may be experiencing heavy volume on their network. Try quitting the session and reconnecting to your ISP to get a better connection. If this still doesn't work, you may want to look into finding a new ISP that can give you a more reliable connection.

Can SabaMeeting work if my computer is behind a firewall?

SabaMeeting is quite firewall friendly and is not likely to cause you any problems. If you experience problems, configure your firewall with network ports 443 and 80 enabled to allow outgoing TCP network packets.

Playback FAQs

What is the purpose of the "playback" link?

SabaMeeting events are recorded, so the playback link appears after the event has concluded. To view the playback of an event, click on the playback link to stream the event directly from the SabaMeeting server.

I clicked "Playback" but nothing is happening. Why?

SabaMeeting starts streaming, or buffering, the recording to your computer before the video begins. Depending on your connection speed, there could be a delay of a few minutes before it starts playing. If you have a LAN, DSL, or cable-modem connection, you may not notice any delay.