Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I need help?

Call Classroom Technology Support at 252.328.9830. Provide your name, room number and a brief description of the problem. A support technician will be dispatched to your location.

What equipment is available?

Equipment varies from room to room. A large-scale display device such as an LCD projector or LCD monitor is typically available and oftentimes additional equipment such as document cameras and control systems are installed. To learn more about technologies available in a particular location, consult the Classroom Technologies Database.

What software is installed on the fixed computers?

Generally, classroom PCs are Windows 7 systems with Microsoft Office 2010 installed. Symantec EndPoint antivirus and security updates are performed automatically. If you require special software, please call Classroom Support at 252.328.9830.

Can I save data on the hard drives of computers in the technology-enhanced classrooms?

No. These PCs are protected with Deep Freeze software which restores the PC to a standard setting every time it is rebooted. Any data saved on the desktop or within any folders of the hard drive will be removed during this process. If you wish to save data, use your preferred method of portable storage, such as Piratedrive, USB flash drive, etc.

Should I shut down the computer when I am finished?

Log off the computer but leave it powered on. These computers perform nightly automatic maintenance functions.

How can I connect my laptop to the projector or other display?

Connection cables can be found either on the lectern or hanging from a wall plate.

What if the specific equipment I need for class is not available in my classroom?

Submit a consult request for a classroom upgrade or loaner equipment to Classroom Technology We make every effort to accommodate special needs.