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Classroom Lecture Capture - Live and Archived Content

Classroom lecture capture enables you to record or stream a class lecture live over the Internet through a secure interface viewable only by students registered for your course. Classroom lecture capture enables your distance education students to view the exact same lecture given to your face-to-face students either live or when it's convenient to them. Classroom lecture capture can also be used to provide your face-to-face students access to each lecture given throughout the semester, which they can then review come exam time potentially improving student GPAs. Students enjoy having access to recorded lectures and when surveyed, they ask for more classroom lecture capture usage campus wide.

ECU supported classroom lecture capture solutions include:


MediaSite is a hardware-based lecture capture tool installed in some classrooms. Content captured through MediaSite is streamed live or archived for future viewing. Only students enrolled in the class are able to access the MediaSite content. Depending on the installation, MediaSite is able to capture the following:
  • Presenter's camera
  • Desktop computer
  • Audience camera
  • Laptop computer
  • Document camera
  • Videoconferencing connection
To get started using MediaSite, contact your division's instructional technology consultant (ITC)

Saba Meeting

SabaMeeting is a software-based Web conferencing solution that provides a virtual classroom environment which is used to capture your live, face-to-face lectures. By presenting to your face-to-face courses utilizing SabaMeeting's interface, students logged on from their own computers can interact with you and your face-to-face students as if they are actually in the classroom. Saba Meeting contains many features to provide the virtual classroom experience and training is recommended to get the most out of Saba Meeting. To get started using Saba Meeting or to sign up for one of our training courses, visit the SabaMeeting Resource Center
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