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Lecture Capture - Live and Recorded Content

Lecture capture enables you to record, develop and deliver instructional content. Class lectures, test-reviews, navigation guides and course introductions are delivered through a streamed, real-time, synchronous environment or recorded for asynchronous, anytime-anywhere viewing.

Students view recorded content as often as necessary which increases accessibility and gives them active control over learning. Lecture capture also provides flexibility for non-traditional students and those learning at a distance. When surveyed, students express interest in more lecture capture opportunities for their courses.

ECU Solutions Include:


Mediasite is both a hardware and software solution for recording lectures, presentations, campus events and more.
Video equipment is integrated into many existing classrooms and conference rooms. The Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) software can be downloaded to any computer, on or off campus. This allows you to create videos anywhere, at your own convenience, outside the classroom.

Captured content is then uploaded, managed and shared through customized catalogs, shared links and Blackboard.
Top reasons to use
  • Blackboard integration
  • Teaching in a lecture capture classroom
  • Rich video content capture and playback for future viewing
  • Easy uploads of existing video (accepts 100+ file formats)
  • Students can also record projects

To learn more about Mediasite, visit the Mediasite Resource Center. To request a recording session (classroom must be equipped with Mediasite), contact your college instructional technology consultant (ITC) or


Tegrity is a software lecture capture system integrated with Blackboard. Instructors use Tegrity to record and share classroom lectures, learning activities and tutorials. This content is then managed and distributed through ECU Blackboard courses.

Tegrity offers desktop capture and limited video management. Download the Tegrity Recorder software to any computer, on or off campus, and create videos at your convenience. Tegrity is also available in select classrooms in Bate, Rivers, Allied Health Sciences, Joyner East, Rawl and Brewster.

Top reasons to use
  • Teaching in a lecture capture classroom
  • Ease of use
  • Blackboard integration
To learn more visit the Tegrity Resource Center or contact us at

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