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Lecture Capture - Live and Recorded Content

Lecture capture enables you to record, develop and deliver instructional content. Your recorded class lectures, test-reviews, software navigation guides and course introduction videos can be captured and delivered through a streamed, real-time, synchronous viewing environment or recorded for asynchronous, anytime-anywhere viewing.

Your students and viewing audiences can watch your recorded content as often as necessary, which increases accessibility and gives them active control over learning.

ECU currently offers three lecture capture tools-Mediasite, Mediasite Desktop Recorder and Tegrity. 

Which Tool Is Best for My Use?

Below are two tables that will help you determine which tool(s) best fits your need.

Feature Mediasite Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) Tegrity
Record In-Class Lectures/Presentations   1
Record Desktop
Video Editing
Closed Captioning 2 2 2
Upload Existing Video 3
Schedule Recording    
Organize Content Using Folders  
High Quality Video  
Live Streaming   4
Blackboard Integration
Student Recording   5
Provide Student Feedback    
Viewer Statistics
Recording Scenarios Recommended Tool
Broadcast live classroom lectures before an audience of students. Mediasite
Record lectures before an audience of students. Mediasite Desktop Recorder or Tegrity1
Record my audio & video and images on my computer screen. Mediasite Desktop Recorder
Record my audio and images on my computer screen. Mediasite Desktop Recorder
Record my audio and PowerPoint slides. Mediasite Desktop Recorder or Tegrity
Record and share student feedback. Mediasite Desktop Recorder
My students need to record and or submit video assignments. Mediasite Desktop Recorder

1 Tegrity is available in select classrooms in Bate, Rivers, Allied Health Sciences, Joyner East, Rawl and Brewster. A Help Ticket will need to be submitted in order to have the room enabled.

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