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Instructors enable the Turning Technologies Building Block feature in Blackboard which allows students to register their device. Instructors can also enable the course participant list to pair students and their responses for grading purposes.

Although the Turning Technologies ResponseCard NXT is the recommended audience response system at ECU, it is important to check with your instructor to determine which model will be used for a class.

Visit the Dowdy Student Store for the latest pricing.

  • Austin 103, Main Campus
  • Health Sciences Building,
    Room 3330, Health Sciences Campus

I obtained or purchased a used clicker, can I still use it in my classes?

Yes, but you must also obtain a license for the used clicker. This can be done once you create your Turning Account through Blackboard.The license is provided at no additional out-of-pocket cost.

Is there still a cost for a physical clicker?

Yes. Students required to use a physical clicker must still purchase a clicker or use and existing one. Cost for a new clicker from the Dowdy Student Stores is $28.00.

Can I use the mobile app (ResponseWare) instead of purchasing a clicker?

Your instructor may or may not allow use of mobile devices. You should ask your instructor if this is allowed.

Is there a cost for the mobile app?

No. To use an Android or iOS mobile device, students download the free app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Students not using an Android or iOS device can participate in polling through a Web browser on their mobile device or laptop.