ECU Wireless Networks

The Campus Living network has been decommissioned (turned off). Students should connect to the eduroam network.

File-sharing traffic is blocked. If you have an academic or administrative need to use BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze or other file-sharing application, please submit a Peer-to-Peer File Sharing exception form.

Gaming consoles, switches, routers and other networking hardware are not allowed in residence halls.

Due to security concerns, Windows XP users only have access to the internet and resources like Blackboard.

  • Students: Microsoft4students website for a FREE operating system upgrade. Visit the Pirate Techs location nearest you for assistance.
  • Faculty and staff can purchase an updated OS for their personal system at educational pricing from the Dowdy Student Bookstore.


Faculty, staff and students

Check email, surf the web and access on-campus resources like personal or department Piratedrive folders, Banner INB resources and other secure systems. All devices require a PirateID/passphrase. No guest access.

Join - Mobile
  1. Enable WiFi
  2. Choose Buccaneer
  3. Authenticate (PirateID)
  4. Accept certificate
  5. Open browser to check
Join - Personal  Laptop
  • Antivirus required
    • Other supported antivirus programs include McAffee, Sophos, Trend Micro, Kaspersky
  • Up-to-date operating system
    • Mac - OS X 10.6.8 or above
    • Wndows - Vista or above with critical updates installed
  • Linux systems exempt from this process
Join - ECU Laptop
  1. Joins Buccaneer by default
  2. Authenticate (PirateID)
  3. Settings configured by ITCS

Students living in residence halls

The Campus Living wireless network was decommissioned (turned off) on Tuesday, August 9, 2016. Please onboard to eduroam.

Visitors with no PirateID

For visitors to ECU who have no PirateID or eduroam access. Visitors must be sponsored by an ECU user. See the guest instruction page for full details.

Onboard to eduroam

For onboarding to the eduroam network. For users with a PirateID but no cell service or internet. See the eduroam page for instructions.

Students, faculty, staff

General purpose; good for surfing the web, checking email, Blackboard and Pirate Port. Cannot access secured ECU resources.
Join - Mobile Devices
1) Enable the device's WiFi, 2) Choose the Pirates network, and 3) Open a browser to check the connection.
Join - Personal Laptop
1) Join the Pirates network, 2) Open a browser, 3) Authenticate with your PirateID.
Join - ECU Laptop
ECU laptops are configured to automatically join the Buccaneer network, but the Pirates network is also available.