CrashPlan Frequently Asked

Can I still use CrashPlan if I store sensitive data?

CrashPlan is approved for FERPA data. However, HIPAA and other sensitive data should always be stored on Piratedrive rather than your computer's hard drive or CrashPlan. Credit card info is not to be stored anywhere on ECU's network.

What is CrashPlan?

CrashPlan is a backup utility for your work files in case of a hard drive crash or accidental delete.

Does CrashPlan work on a PC and Mac?

Yes, CrashPlan backs up both PC and Macintosh files. There are also apps for iOS and Android mobile devices so you can view files.

I have never used a backup program before. Is CrashPlan hard to use?

CrashPlan is very easy to use. Once installed, it automatically runs the first backup and thereafter backs up any changes such as new files or folders and modified data. Crash Plan is always active and waiting for new data to back up.

If CrashPlan is always running will it slow down my computer?

No, CrashPlan is designed to use a minimum of system resources. For example, it will use no more than 20% of the CPU when the user is present. Also, it will not back up files when the laptop battery drops below 20%.

Can I back up more than one computer with CrashPlan?

Crash Plan is licensed per user. In other words it is licensed for your PirateID. You can install Crash Plan on up to 4 computers that you administer (PC and/or Mac). This is ideal if you have a desktop computer and a laptop. If you install Crash Plan on a shared computer (you must have administrative access), remember anyone with administrative privileges on that computer can restore your data. The license does not allow you to share the 4 installs with a co-worker or install it on another employee’s computer if you do not administer that computer.

If I don’t have four computers at work, can I use CrashPlan on my home computer?

No, CrashPlan is owned and licensed to ECU and can only be used on university-owned computers.

How much data can I back up with CrashPlan?

There is no limit! A crash plan user license is for an unlimited amount of data.

How does CrashPlan know what to back up?

By default, CrashPlan backs up the entire hard drive that boots your computer (with the exception of some operating system files). If you have additional hard drives, they are easily added through the dashboard.

How do I know if I should use CrashPlan?

If you save data on your PC/Mac and cannot easily re-create the data, you need some kind of data protection – like CrashPlan. If you use Piratedrive and do not save data on your computer, then you do not need CrashPlan. For Piratedrive users, ITCS also backs up Piratedrive.

How do I get back a file I deleted?

You restore any data yourself; no call to the IT Help Desk is necessary. Data restores are initiated through the CrashPlan dashboard. CrashPlan offers version retention, so you will have several options to choose from when restoring data. You can even restore data backed up on one computer to another computer (as long as they are both using CrashPlan).

How safe is my data being backed up?

All data is encrypted with 448 bit SSL key before it leaves your computer. It remains encrypted until it is restored back to your computer. No one else can see your data or restore it.

Can I use CrashPlan on my laptop when I’m away from campus?

Yes, CrashPlan is configured so everything will work as long as you are connected to the Internet. This means you can take your laptop home or travel with it and still be protected with CrashPlan.

I just received this message: Backup Alert! Computer "xxxxxxx" has been unable to reach any backup destinations for 4 days. Is something wrong?

If your computer was offline (turned off)–over the weekend, for example–then you will receive this message. If your computer was turned on and connected to the Internet, there may be a problem. Contact the Code 42 Help Desk.

What if my computer is used by others?

Anyone who has administrative access to your computer can restore data. If this causes concern, consider housing that data on your Piratedrive U drive where only you can access it.

Is there a fee for CrashPlan?

Yes, departments pay an annual cost of $78.50 per user. This is the cost of the user license, and it must be paid each year to continue with Crash Plan. The renewals take place around April of each year, and you will be asked to supply an account code for the chargeback.

Can I use CrashPlan if I leave ECU?

If your employment terminates (retirement, resignation, involuntary separation, etc), CrashPlan will stop working and you will not be able to access any data. Prior to the end of your employment, data should be shared with co-workers as needed.