iOS App - Frequently Asked

What is the maximum size file I can download to my iOS device?

Files can be up to 500MB.

How can I tell the size of a file?

Tap and hold a file to view its size.

Am I able to download multiple files simultaneously?

Once a file starts to download, tap another file to add it to your queue. Files are downloaded in the order in which they are added to the queue.

Where do I view previously downloaded files?

View previously downloaded files on the Downloaded Files screen.

What types of files can be downloaded using the CrashPlan mobile app?

You can download any files backed up from your account to an online destination. In the CrashPlan app, this is any destination under Destinations >> Online.

What types of files can be viewed?

View many common document types, view images, listen to music and watch videos.

How can I edit downloaded files?

Edit files with the app that supports editing for that file type. While previewing a file, tap the Open icon in the menu bar and choose Open In. Select the app you'd like to use to edit the file. This creates a copy of the file in that app. The CrashPlan mobile app does not track changes to this copy.

How do I share my downloaded files?

While previewing a file, tap the Open icon in the menu bar to send the files as an email attachment (if you have set up an email account on your device). Also, images can be saved to the Photos app.

Why can't I see some of my files?

You can only see and download files backed up to an online destination. Verify that CrashPlan is running on your computer and has recently backed up your files to an online destination.

How do I download and view a file?

Tap a device to view a list of available files. Tap a file to start downloading that file to your device. A progress indicator next to the file name shows download progress. After the download is complete, tap on the file again to view it.

How can I see which files are selected for download?

On the Downloaded Files screen, a progress indicator identifies the files you've selected for download.

How do I stop downloading a file I've selected?

Tap the file you wish to stop. The progress indicator disappears to indicate that the download has been canceled.

How do I download a more recent version of a file that has been backed up to an online destination?

If there is a newer version available, a badge appears on the app icon. Also, on the Home screen, an Update button indicates the number of files with a newer version. Tap this button to add all the updated files to the download queue. To update an individual file, go to the Downloaded Files screen and tap the Update button next to the file name.

How do I delete a downloaded file?

From the menu bar, tap the Edit icon on the Downloaded Files screen. Select the files to delete and tap the Delete Files button. You can also delete all downloaded files from this screen. Alternatively, swipe to delete individual files on the Downloaded Files screen.

Does deleting a downloaded file form my iOS device remove that file from my backup archive?

No. The file is only removed form the device.

What happens to my downloaded files if I uninstall the CrashPlan mobile app?

They are removed from the device.

Can I use CrashPlan to back up the data stored on my iOS device?

No. The CrashPlan mobile app is for accessing files you've backed up from your ECU-owned Mac or Windows system.

Can I see my current backup status?

On the Home screen, your current backup status is listed for each computer on your account. It shows last backup time, percent complete and last backup.

Can I manage my CrashPlan settings from the mobile app?

No. The app does not allow remote administration of CrashPlan.

Can I download files from other users at ECU?

No. You can only download files backed up by accounts associated with your PirateID.