Enterprise Vault and Archive Rules

Faculty/staff mailbox items, attachments and RSS feeds are archived to an ECU-maintained Enterprise Vault according to the schedule below. The automatic removal schedule outlined here does not override a department's requirement for email retention. For guidance on university email retention limits, please refer to the University Records Retention and Disposition Schedule.

Enterprise Vault Features

  • Toolbar icons in both Outlook and Piratemail allow users to open, search and restore items from the Enterprise Vault.
  • Toolbar icons in Outlook/Piratemail also allow users to manually archive items.
  • Any browser can navigate to to access the Enterprise Vault.
  • Mailbox items are available in the Enterprise Vault for seven (7) years; Inbox shortcuts to these emails are available for six (6) years.
  • When working offline, stored mailbox items can be viewed using the Vault Cache on your computer.

Archive Rules for Faculty/Staff Exchange Accounts

  • All mailbox items older than sixty (60) days are archived to the Enterprise Vault.
  • A shortcut to each vaulted message is saved in the mailbox for six (6) years unless deleted by the user.
  • If a mailbox reaches 500MB, archiving begins immediately on large items older than thirty (30) days.
  • Users whose mailbox reaches the 1GB mailbox limit are not able to send mail from their address.
  • Archived items are maintained in the Enterprise Vault for seven (7) years and then deleted.
  • Items can be moved to a personal email folder prior to the sixty-day deadline.
  • Items are held in the Deleted Items folder for seven days, then moved to a user-recoverable area for fourteen (14) days prior to permanent deletion. How to recover deleted mail items.