Configure Outlook at Home Using IMAP

Rather than checking ECU email through a web browser (Piratemail), you can set up Outlook on your home computer and download your ECU email messages. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) allows users to access ECU email from a home computer, laptop or mobile device using an email program such as Outlook. IMAP also allows several devices to be simultaneously configured to access mail from the same account.

An IMAP connection is configured through your Internet provider, such as Embarq or Suddenlink. The connection requires the following information about your ECU email account:

  • Email address:
  • Incoming and Outgoing (SMTP) server:

NOTE: This requires that you use SMTP authentication. Depending on the strictness of your local ISP, the SMTP field may need to be your local ISP’s SMTP server address instead of ECU's.