Choose Microsoft Outlook

Samsung Android Users:
Please download and install the free Microsoft Outlook mail program before Sunday, August 26, when we will block the Android mail client to relieve a problem between this client and the Exchange 2010 server.  

  1. First, delete your current ECU email account.
  2. Next, download the Microsoft Outlook app from Google Play. See screenshot, left.
  3. Open app and click Get Started.
  4. Click Exchange and follow the screens to configure email.

Configure Mobile Email (Staff)

See the instructions on this page to configure ECU email on your mobile device.


Mobile phones and tablets configured to download email are also required to implement a passcode for the device. This requirement protects ECU information as well as your personal data. You can also remotely wipe the phone or tablet if it is lost or stolen through the mobile options in Piratemail.

If you prefer not to set up the passcode, you can always check your email through a browser at Piratemail.

Problems or questions?

Call the IT Help Desk - 252.328.9866 | 800.340.7081 or visit the Walk-in IT Help Desk - Austin 103 | Laupus Library 2502.

Android Devices*

These are general instructions only. If you are not successful connecting to email, please call the IT Help Desk or visit the Walk-in IT Help Desk.

Faculty/Staff Manual Settings

  • PirateID only, not the full email address
  • The domain is INTRA
  • If there is no domain field, type your username as: INTRA\your-pirateid
  • The Exchange server is
  • Check Use secure connect SSL and Accept all SSL certificates
  • Click Done and agree to the activation terms

*During the setup process, you may see a message that states, "Server must be able to remotely control some security features on your device. Continue?" The next screen discusses setting up the device administrator and the available options such as, erase all data, set password rules, monitor screen-unlock attempts, etc. Follow the screens to activate and then set up the passcode.

Please note that YOU are the device administrator and able to remotely wipe the phone (and other options) through your account if your phone is lost or stolen.

iPhone/iPad Email Setup

These instructions help faculty and staff configure an ECU email account on an iPad or iPhone.

Step 1

Tap Settings and choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Tap Mail to open settings

Step 2

Tap Add Account and choose Exchange.

Choose Exchange

Step 3

Enter your ECU email address, ECU passphrase and an account description (your choice). Click Next.

Enter ECU settings

Step 4

The Exchange settings open. It's okay to leave them turned on. Tap Save to return to the Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen.

Configure account settings

Step 5

Tap the new ECU mail account to open the Settings screen. Tap the Account link to open more options.

 Click account for more options

Step 6

Tap Advanced Settings. Make sure the Use SSL option is active (green).

Advanced Settings

Step 7

Tap Done to return to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen. Configure a signature or set a default email account, if you have configured more than one email (gmail, for example).

Convenience options

My Email Stopped Working! Now What?

Smartphones set up with IMAP or Exchange accounts sometimes stop sending/receiving mail after a software update, even if the email settings have not changed. In most cases, the best way to fix this is to remove the account from your phone and set it back up from scratch as an Exchange account. This applies to both Android and iOS devices.