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IronPort Spam Filter

Report a Spam Message:

  1. Create a new email.
  2. Drag the offensive message into the new message's text area. It will show as an attachment.
  3. Address the new message to either the SPAM REPORT* or PHISHING REPORT* address (in the address book).

See this video how-to for a demonstration.

*Don't See These Addresses? It may be time to update your Outlook Address Book:

  1. Click the Outlook Send/Receive tab.
  2. Choose "send/receive groups" from the drop-down.
  3. Choose "Download Address Book."

Cisco's IronPort email spam filter screens and quarantines suspicious messages before they reach your Exchange inbox.

According to Wikipedia, spam is usually "unsolicited junk mail sent in bulk." Most often advertising products or services, spam frequently contains viruses or other malicious code or inappropriate content.

How does the IronPort spam filter work?

Occasionally, you will receive a Message Digest email listing quarantined messages. If you do nothing, spam is deleted after 14 days.

If legitimate communications are quarantined, IronPort allows you to log in and:

  • Search for specific quarantined emails
  • Read a quarantined message
  • Release a quarantined message to your inbox
  • Delete quarantined messages
  • Add an email address to the Safelist so the address is never quarantined
  • Add an email address to the Blocklist so the address is always quarantined

How Do I Log In?

Open a browser and navigate to (login required) or click the "your email quarantine" link in a spam digest email.

Check the box beside a message and select an action: 

  • Release to your inbox
  • Release and Add to Safelist - messages from this sender always go to your inbox
  • Delete

Open this printable pdf tutorial on managing quarantined emails.

How Do I Release a Legitimate Message?

To release the message from quarantine back to your inbox:

  • Open a new e-mail message and address it to
  • Attach the released message to the new email by dragging it from the inbox into the new message's text area. It will show as an attachment. Send the message.