Enterprise Vault - Macintosh FAQ

How do I access vaulted mailbox items?

There are three ways:

  1. Click the link displayed in the vaulted email item to access the link through Safari.
  2. From a browser window, navigate to You can then search for an item.
  3. Download/install the EV client from the ECU Download Center:
    1. Log in to
    2. Click Mac Software.
    3. Click Enterprise Vault.
    4. Click Symantec Enterprise Vault for Outlook Add-in. The download will begin.
    5. The installer will open the EV preferences in System Preferences. Set Attach Toolbar to Microsoft Outlook 2011.
    6. Check the Show Enterprise Vault application in the menu bar.
    7. Quit System Preferences.

Connect to the Enterprise Vault with Mac OS

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the Search button on left.
  3. Make sure the correct vault is selected at the top of the search area. If you were a student at one time, it will show up here
  4. Enter the subject of the email you are looking for and select the "contains any of" or "contains all of" option.
  5. Uncheck Search attachments.
  6. Click on the search button at the bottom.
  7. Click on the check box next to the item you want to restore.
  8. To the right is a small icon with a blue arrow on it. Click on it.
  9. This "Authenticating Microsoft Exchange mailbox:" will appear. Once you type in the server and the mailbox alias, it should remember it the next time. Restore as a sub-folder, and you can change the name of the date to something more specific
  10. Server =
  11. Mailbox alias = DoeJ (Last name followed by first initial)
  12. A subfolder of the 'Restored Items' folder: 3/21/2014 4:01:53 (Type the date you wish to save the restored the items under).
  13. Click Restore.
  14. Go to Outlook, and it should appear in the Restore Items folder shortly.
  15. If you are using a web browser to view email, you may have to log out and back in for it to refresh and show the folders in the Restored items folder.

Why don't I see the vaulting toolbar in Outlook 2011?

The Enterprise Vault client may not be installed or the toolbar may not be turned on.
  1. Install the EV client from the ECU Download Center.
  2. Click the EV client in the Apple menu bar (clock face, upper right) and select, Show Toolbar.
  3. EV client not visible? Go to Apple menu >> System Preferences >> Enterprise Vault. Check Show Enterprise Vault application in the menu bar.

How do I open an archived message?

  1. Open Outlook 2011.
  2. If your default web browser is Safari, click the link in the message. If your default web browser is not Safari, copy the link from the message into the Safari address bar.
  3. Enter your PirateID and passphrase. The full message should display.

How do I change my default browser so that all archived messages automatically open in Safari?

  1. Open the Safari browser.
  2. Click Safari >> Preferences...
  3. In the General preferences window, check the Default Web Browser menu. Check the Safari browser.

How do I restore archived items?

Enterprise Vault client:
  1. Open Outlook 2011 and click once to activate the e-mail you wish to restore.
  2. Go to the menu bar (top right) and click the EV Client icon. The EV menu drops down.
  3. Click Restore from Vault. Outlook should briefly flash, but there's no progress indicator.
  4. Click the email to be restored.

EV Drop-Down Menu

Safari Web Browser:
  1. Open an archived message.
  2. Click on the link inside the message to open it in Safari.
  3. Click the Settings icon (top right).
  4. Enter the server name - - in the Microsoft Exchange Server field and your PirateID in the Mailbox field.
  5. Click the Check Name button. All information should resolve.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click the Restore icon to the left of the Settings icon. Click OK.
  8. Return to Outlook and check your Restored Items folder. If the message is not there, click Send/Receive. If the message is still not restored, close and re-open Outlook.

I'm having trouble logging in to What am I doing wrong?

Log in to using INTRA\your-PirateID, especially if you are off-campus.

EV Log in

My options under the EV client icon aren't available. They are all grayed out.

If the options aren't available in the Apple menu bar, go to the Outlook toolbar and log in.

How do I uninstall the Enterprise Vault Mac OS X Client?

Go to /Library/Application Support/Symantec Enterprise Vault/and double-click on the Uninstaller. Follow the on-screen prompts. You will not need to reboot.

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