SGI Origin 350 Accounts

Client accounts on the SGI Origin 350 are available to qualified faculty, staff, and students within the 16 campuses of the University of North Carolina System. Available accounts fall into two categories, Education and Research.

Educational Accounts

Intended to provide a robust HPC training environment for qualified instructional classes. Within this category, instructors may apply for an education accounts that also include separate accounts for the students assigned to their class. Typically, educational account access is limited both in terms of actual machine time, resources allocated, and job scheduling priority; however, faculty and student will have the opportunity to experience and build a solid foundation in the use of HPC resources.

Research Accounts

Allocated by a peer reviewed applications procedure through the HPC Allocations Committee. The HPC Allocations Committee is composed of members of the ECU HPC Research Community including at least three external members representing the research interests of other UNC institutions and in general review applications for accounts based on:

  1. The purpose of the research, the research questions you are attempting to answer, and why your research is important to the discipline.
  2. During the applications process, you will be asked to justify the total resources requirements in support of all work related to the research project (for one year) including but not limited to the following items:
    1. What is the estimated CPU usage required?
    2. What are the memory requirements?
    3. What are your storage requirements?
    4. Are there special resource requirements such as the need for multiple processors, large memory or storage needs, or special software or graphics applications?
    5. The qualifications possessed by you and your project team for conducting research on HPC resources.
    6. A brief summary of the research teams' computer experience including, but not limited to, multi-processor computing.
    7. Listing of all funding, both internal and external, that the research project is currently receiving.