OneDrive Cloud Storage

IMPORTANT! OneDrive for Business is approved storage of non-sensitive ECU data.

However, other services such as Dropbox and Google Docs do not meet university standards and should not be used to store any ECU data without proper authorization. Visit the cloud storage security page for a detailed explanation.

OneDrive for Business offers 1TB of cloud storage through the Office 365 subscription and alumni email. More features include:

  • Store and sync up to 1TB of non-sensitive information
  • Create new work documents and edit stored files using Office Online
  • Share and collaborate with both ECU and non-ECU users
  • Utilize Office mobile apps for anytime, anywhere access

Access and Store

OneDrive for Business is accessed through your Office 365 subscription with ECU. Open OneDrive for Business, then drag and drop files saved to your computer to OneDrive for cloud access from anywhere or install the sync app to automatically upload changes to important files.

Please note: OneDrive for Business is approved for storage of non-sensitive ECU files and FERPA data pertaining to student/instructor collaboration. Any other sensitive information should always be stored in a secure Piratedrive folder.

You may already have a personal OneDrive account through Windows, but this is a separate cloud storage folder from your ECU OneDrive for Business, and they cannot be merged into one account.

    Sync Files

    The OneDrive sync app is available for Mac, Windows and mobile. During set up, you choose which folders to sync from your device to the cloud. Or you can drag a file from the device to OneDrive. If changes are made to the document while offline, the sync app runs when you are back online.

      Share and Collaborate

      From OneDrive, right-click a file and choose Share. There are two sharing options available.

      Invite People

      Share with either ECU or non-ECU individuals through their email address. Default permission for the file are Can Edit but Can Read is also an option. Require Login means the other users must sign in to their Microsoft account to open the file.

      Get a Link

      The link can be pasted into a web page or email. Default permission is Edit Link, but you can choose Read Link. You can also require an ECU account or no sign in. Note that this link can be shared with default permissions by the users with whom you share.

        OneDrive Mobile

        Use the OneDrive mobile app to access OneDrive files through a tablet or phone for editing or sharing. The autosave feature saves your changes to OneDrive so there's only one version of a file.

        Create a new document using the Office online apps, then choose whether to save to the mobile device or upload to your OneDrive space.

        PLEASE NOTE: When you open a OneDrive document on your device, a copy of that file is downloaded to the device.

          Office Online

          OneDrive for Business also includes Office Online apps so you can edit stored files or create new files from within OneDrive. Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

          Editing a file using your computer's full version of Office is also available.