Second Life Virtual World

Welcome to Second Life at East Carolina University

******After May 4, ECU will no longer provide access or support for Second Life.******

Second Life is a virtual, collaborative world. We are currently leasing several islands to host interactive instructional environments for ECU faculty and students. As you prepare for fall semester and Second Life usage, please review the following information on Online Instructional Tools, privacy, accessibility, and the ECU Second Life Group.

1. Second Life is designed to be an open, collaborative environment, so it is important that you treat Second Life as a public space. Second Life is a third party cloud hosted solution; be aware that if your students need to upload assignments into Second Life, we recommend that you follow the guidelines contained in the Online Instructional Tools: Do not upload any sensitive data into Second Life. If a student refuses to agree to the Terms and Conditions of Second Life, you will need to provide an alternative assignment.

2. If your Second Life instructional space requires restricted access to group participants, contact Doug Barnum ( request privacy settings. Do not upload any sensitive data into Second Life, even with privacy settings enabled.

3. For Accessibility questions about Second Life, visit ECU's Accessible Learning Platforms page:

4. If your students need to join the ECU Pirates Second Life group this fall, please contact Doug Barnum ( Per end of semester maintenance, students will be removed from the ECU Pirates Second Life group at the completion of each semester. Students will still be able to access ECU Second Life islands; this action will only remove their ability to build on our campus.


    Second Life does have keyboard and/or mouse issues related to accessibility. Below are in-world workarounds and resources.