Newly-hired faculty/staff and newly-admitted students receive a username, or PirateID. Users log in to IT systems such as Blackboard, email, network resources, etc., using this PirateID and a unique passphrase of their choice.
A user's PirateID is not the same as the ECU ID, which is a unique number identifying an employee or student within ECU's administrative systems.

All New Users (Includes Employees, Students and "Candidate of Choice" Faculty)

Once assigned a PirateID, new users are required to activate their PirateID and create a passphrase in the online ECU Passphrase Maintenance System.
Once registered, users maintain their PirateID/passphrase through the PID system. Features include:
  • Passphrase reset (required every 90 days)
  • Security question setup (for the PID self-help system)
  • Account unlock (accounts lock after three unsuccessful login attempts)

Faculty tagged as the "Candidate of Choice" in the PeopleAdmin Human Resources system receive a PirateID that is active for 45 days


For help activating an account, resetting a passphrase or other PID system option, call the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866/800.340.7081.

Exiting Employees

PirateIDs for fixed-term faculty are disabled eight months after the official exit date. All other staff PirateIDs are disabled five days after the last official exit date. Read the full PirateID deactivation schedule.


Retired faculty and staff are allowed to reactivate their PirateID/ECU email/academic Web space up to six months after their last work day. See the Self-Registration Step-by-Step pdf for instructions. Reactivation must be done within six months of retirement; also, the email must be used at least once a year, or it will be disabled.


Upon graduation, a student's PirateID/email account is migrated to the alumni system. See the graduate page for details.
A student's PirateID/email account is deactivated if that student is not enrolled for the current semester and also meets at least one of the following conditions:
  • The student does not have an active incomplete
  • The student has not graduated from ECU
  • The student has not taken a class for credit as a degree-seeking student
  • The student is not in good academic standing (ex., academic suspension)

If an undergraduate student is not enrolled for one or more semesters (except summer session), he/she must apply for readmission. For more information contact ECU Admissions at 252.328.6640 or visit

A graduate student must register for at least one credit hour each semester (except summer session) until all degree requirements are complete (e.g., thesis, professional paper, internship, etc.). If there is a break in enrollment, the student is required to apply for readmission. For more information contact your graduate program director or the graduate admissions department.