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Use Email Responsibly

Do not open an email attachment unless it was specifically requested or expected

Since email worms are sent to addresses found on infected users' computers, just knowing the sender is no proof of intent. In fact, odds are an email worm will arrive from someone you know, and the sender is oblivious to the infection being sent from his computer. If you receive such an email from someone you know, contact that person and ask if she intended to send the attachment.

If you don't know the sender, delete the email

Save all attachments that you want to open to your hard drive and scan them with your antivirus software before opening them.

Be alert for email scams

These may appear to come from a trusted business or friend, but actually are designed to trick you into downloading a virus or going to a fraudulent website and disclosing sensitive information.

Don't reply to any email that requests your personal information

Be very suspicious of any email from a business or person that asks for your password, social security number, or other highly sensitive information.

Don't send spam

Spam is electronic junk mail. If you don't want to receive the email from someone else, don't send it to others. Spamming is a violation of ECU Computer Use and Network Use Policies.

Update your computer

Keeping your operating system and applications updated guards against vulnerabilities exploited in viruses and worms that infect your computer.

Keep your antivirus definitions current

Updated antivirus definitions can help protect your computer from virus infections. Update your definitions prior to opening your email.

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