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Twitter Best Practices

Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service that answers the question, "What are you doing?" Users send "Tweets," or short text messages 140 characters in length to other users who choose to follow the messages. Users can send and receive tweets through instant messaging, cell phones and the web.

Although Twitter was originally intended for communication among individuals, many organizations have begun tweeting or listening or a combination of both. Many organizations use Twitter as a marketing or public relations tool. Others let employees tweet abou their work to enhance the organization's reputation. Some organizations, like universities, are using Twitter internally to share ideas or to communicate updates. Yet, others aren't actively participating in tweeting but are simply "listening" to keep track of what's being said about them or its industry.

See these best practices below that will help minimize security risks at school, home and work.

  1. Become as knowledgeable and savvy with Twitter and its associated tools as you are with other communication tools in order to protect yourself. 
  2. Define your purpose in utilizing Twitter to maximize your time and efficiency.
  3. Consider your audience and your message.
  4. Separate personal from professional interaction.
  5. Manage yourself; Twitter can be addictive!
  6. Twitter does have security bugs and is not enterprise-ready.
  7. Set updates to "private" for security reasons.
  8. Always sign out of your account and log off of the computer.
  9. Take precautions with Twitter's third-party tools; once your login credentials are provided, someone else has your account info.
  10. You can be exposed to phishing scams or viruses through Twitter's TinyURLs.

To learn more about safety when using social networking sites, please visit OnGuard

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