AirWatch - Mobile Device Management (MDM) at ECU
Effortless, Secure, Connected

AirWatch MDM Agent is a mobile app that provides mobile device security for faculty and staff accessing ECU's online resources. It is required that the following devices download the app from the appropriate app store:

  • ECU-owned smartphones and tablets
  • Personal mobile devices that access or store ECU sensitive data
During the AirWatch installation process, security measures are configured for the device according to an organizational profile. Please follow the step-by-step guide below to install Airwatch on devices with correct settings.

Step-By-Step Installation Guide

Step 1
Device Owner
Step 2
Data Access Level
Step 3
Device Operating System
Step 4

Who owns the device Airwatch is being installed on:

  • ECU-purchased smartphone or tablet
  • Personal smartphone or tablet

Please choose an option.

Please choose one of the following that best describes how you will be accessing data on your device:

  • NO sensitive data will be accessed
  • Accessing sensitive data
  • Storing sensitive data on your device (Learn more about sensitive information.)

Please choose an option.


What Operating system does your device use:

  • Android OS
  • Apple iOS
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows Tablet

Please choose an Operating system.


AirWatch is not required for personal devices that does not access sensitive data.

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- Your profile for Airwatch is: x

- You can download the Airwatch Agent to your device at: x

- Click here for step-by-step instructions for setting up your device.

Click here to download the step-by-step installation guide for Windows Mobile.

Contact the IT Help Desk to request that your Windows tablet be added to the INTRA domain

- Click here to view a detailed explanation of how this profile will effect your settings.

Learn more about sensitive information.

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Has Your Device Been Lost or Stolen?

Users have the ability to wipe a lost or stolen device through the AirWatch or Piratemail interface. See these instructions.