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Online Banking Security Measures for ECU Departments

  1. Make certain that systems used in performing financial transactions are protected by strict technical controls and receive periodic validation.
  2. Implement a process that requires all online banking operations be conducted on special-use computers that are used SOLELY for banking transactions. No other use of the machine should be permitted – no email, no Web browsing, no general-purpose business use – nothing but institutional online banking transactions. Contact the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866/800.340.7081 for additional information on this option.
  3. Make certain that personnel involved in performing online financial transactions have the necessary security awareness and training. Those persons should receive targeted training on phishing and this threat. Contact the IT Help Desk to request training.
  4. Have written policies defining the controlled environment in which online banking transactions can be conducted, e.g. what systems can be used, how they must be maintained, required personnel training, etc.

Additional Information (External Websites)

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FBI Investigation: Online NY School District Theft (2010)

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