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Kronos Project FAQs

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For assistance with problems that are not addressed in this FAQs Web page:

Current Kronos users with an issue should contact their department leave clerk. Leave clerks may escalate issue to the ITCS Help Desk.

When submitting a help ticket, select “Administrative Systems” from the ticket menu on the main Help Desk Web page, then select “Kronos” under “Category.” Please provide any relevant information about the problem.

For general Kronos Project questions or information, please email the ECU Kronos Team at

What is Kronos, and who will be using it?

All employees who track hours worked, leave taken, or both, will use Kronos.

To learn more about Kronos, who will use it, and how it will be used, please visit: admin/humanresources/customcf/Kronos/10_Introduction_to_Kronos.pdf.

Why is ECU using Kronos?

With an increase in state and federal legislation and compliance concerns related to wage and hour rules, it is in the best interest of the university to standardize and automate time and leave-keeping functions. To assist in this standardization and automation, ECU purchased Workforce Timekeeper from Kronos Incorporated, a proven leader in workforce management. This software package has been adopted by the university as the time, attendance and leave keeping system of record for employees who track time, as well as employees who are granted or earn leave. Kronos is expected to provide university employees an efficient, effective tool for tracking, paying and reporting these key employee data values.

How will Kronos benefit the university?

Kronos will allow reduction in costs, improvement in technology, utilization of employee self-service tools, real-time flow of information, and support of the university’s paperless initiatives.

Who is implementing Kronos? How are decisions made?

The Kronos project is sponsored by Dr. Rick Niswander, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and supported by an Executive Steering Committee. Steering Committee membership includes representation from across campus and incorporates employees at a variety of levels within the university.
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ECU Time
Ownership of the system resides in the Department of Human Resources under Melissa Bard, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, with ownership for pay-related system components belonging to Payroll under Letty Lalu, Payroll Director. Payroll resides within Financial Services under Ann Jenkins, Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Services.

A Core Project Team and content-specific specialty teams have been established to work on various aspects of the system’s design, configuration, implementation and application at ECU. Questions, challenges and decisions derived in these groups are presented to the Steering Committee for feedback and resolution.

To learn more about the organization of the Kronos project team, please see the organization chart at:

Who is using Kronos now?

Currently ECU has 381 Kronos users spread across six departments within the university (Payroll, Systems Coordination, Human Resources, Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Facilities - Health Science Campus). Employees in these areas have been using Kronos for tracking time, attendance and leave since March 2012.

When will my department “go-live” with Kronos?

The Kronos project is expected to begin additional implementations in the fall of 2014, with additional departments/divisions coming onto the system at regular intervals. Areas identified for inclusion in immediate upcoming phases of the implementation have been contacted individually and provided available information regarding timelines for “going live.”

When a complete timeline has been approved, it will be posted on the Kronos Project website here:

How can I find out if I will use Kronos when my department goes live?

Specific employee groups have been identified for inclusion in Kronos. To determine if you will be using Kronos, determine your employee type. One way to find this is by logging onto OneStop at: At the top of the page, select“Profile,” then “Employee Profile” in the left navigation bar. Find your employee type under “Employment Information” next to “empl class.”

To view employee types that will be using Kronos, please view this diagram:

How does Kronos work?

Banner passes information to Kronos for each employee. Banner will remain the system of record for employee and job information. Kronos will use information from the employee and job records in Banner (Employee Class, FTE, Leave Category, Years of Service, and Effective Dates) to determine the appropriate Pay Rules and Accrual Profiles in Kronos. An interface runs each day from Banner to Kronos to add and update employee information. Employees maintain their Kronos Timecard by recording time and/or requesting leave to reach expected weekly hours. Managers evaluate and resolve any “exceptions” or timecard problems each day. Managers approve Requests for Time-Off as needed. At the end of the Pay Period, both the employee and manager approve the timecard. The Departmental Super User must Sign-off the card to close the period. Payroll will collect data for the closed pay period and use it when processing payroll.

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How will I access the system?

Nonexempt employees may access punch recording features via Kronos time clocks and Kronos Timestamp (see images below). All employees may access timecards and leave balances (if applicable) via a workstation with ECU network access.

To learn more about how to log on and off Kronos via a workstation, please visit
Kronos Time Clock

Kronos time clock

Kronos Timestamp

Kronos Timestamp

Kronos Time Clock

Kronos time clock

If I am a permanent non-exempt employee, what will I have to do in Kronos?

Permanent nonexempt employees will log time in and out at the start of each day’s shift and at lunch using a timeclock or workstation with Kronos Timestamp. In addition, permanent nonexempt employees may record non-regular hours or premium pay types, request time off, track leave, and will approve and submit timecards each semi-monthly pay period.

If I am an exempt employee (SPA/EPA), what will I have to do in Kronos?

Exempt employees will populate their regular schedule, request time off, track leave, record certain non-regular hours, approve and submit timecards each semi-monthly pay period.

If I am an SPA/CSS temporary employee, what will I have to do in Kronos?

SPA/CSS temporary employees will log time in and out at the start of each day’s shift and at lunch using a timeclock or workstation with Kronos Timestamp. In addition, employees will approve and submit timecards each semi-monthly pay period.

If I am a student employee, what will I have to do in Kronos?

Student employees will log time in and out at the start of each day’s shift and at lunch using a timeclock or workstation with Kronos Timestamp. In addition, employees will approve and submit timecards each semi-monthly pay period.

If I am a 12-month faculty member, what will I have to do in Kronos?

12-month faculty members will track leave, approve and submit timecards each semi- monthly pay period.

Will Kronos training be offered? How will I know what to do?

Kronos training will be offered! Training will be scheduled around each department’s “Go Live” date. In addition, Kronos training materials are available online at:

I am already using Kronos. Where can I find help with tasks I complete in Kronos?

There are Kronos training documents at:

Do I need to do anything to my computer to use Kronos?

Kronos requires a browser and workstation Java installation. The browser and Java version must be certified as compatible with the production version of Kronos. Kronos is highly flexible with Java and browser versions and generally workstation users experience limited technical issues accessing the system. Departments with specific Browser or Java version issues related to other software packages should bring those particular needs to the attention of the Implementation Team during a department’s “Go Live.”

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