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A listserv is an application that distributes email messages to subscribers of that list. Some listservs are public; ECU Announce is an example. Other listservs are by invitation only, such as a listserv created for a particular ECU course.

Want to learn more?

Visit and view the following resources:

About LISTSERV - features and overview
LISTSERV Documentation - instructions for list owners and users

View a list of specific listservs for ECU

Log in with your ECU PirateID and click the Get Password link.

Request a LISTSERV

Enter an IT Help Desk online service request. Complete the Listserv Account Application Form. List owners are emailed a Getting Started guide.
Through the interface or through an emailed command. Find the correct syntax on the the LISTSERV Commands web page.

Other Commands

Commands such as, Unsubscribe, can be found on the LISTSERV Commands web page.