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Lync Communication

About Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is an easy-to-use and versatile communication tool.

Available to students, faculty and staff, Lync integrates seamlessly with email, calendar and the ECU address book to allow instant text messages, video conferences, online presentations and more. Lync also allows collaborative desktop sharing for quick project edits and live brainstorming.

One of the most-requested Lync features is the ability to invite non-ECU participants to a meeting or presentation.

Information on this page:

Start an instant message (IM) text conversation

Find a contact

Type a name into the find someone text box. Click the plus (+) sign to add that person to a contact group.

Determine availability

Easily determine someone's availability by checking for a green bar next to their avatar (picture). Red or yellow indicates that person is unavailable. Presence is determined by your ECU calendar, but can be manually changed through Lync.

Instant message a contact

Double-click or right-click a contact name and type your message into the IM text box. Enter sends the message. To include multiple contacts – click the invite more people link in the meeting interface to add more people to the conversation.

Right-click a user's name in an email to add his/her name as a Lync contact.

From an open Word, Excel or other Office document, choose Review and then send through an instant message from the Share tab.

Add others to an online meeting

In the IM dialog box, click the People Options down arrow and choose the Invite by Name or Phone Number option. Your Contacts open.

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Introduction to Lync 2010 video (02:57) | Send an IM video (00:52) | IM and Presence PDF | New for Students! Basic Controls (02:00) (students only)

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Organize an online meeting

Meet Now feature

Open Lync and click the Meet Now option under settings.

Send email invitation

From Outlook, open the Online Meeting option (Home tab >> New Items button >> Online Meeting). Add the email address of each participant (even non-ECU), add an agenda or notes, and check that the Join Meeting link is in the body of the email.

It's also a good idea to let participants know they need to check their conferencing hardware before the meeting starts. Participants may also need to install software if they do not have the Lync program. (See below).

Set meeting options

Before a meeting, configure how participants enter the meeting, any other presenters besides yourself, and more through the Lync Meeting Options dialog box.

Record a meeting

Make sure to follow Lync security guidelines. Let participants know they are being recorded and obtain a signed release form for each participant, if appropriate.

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Create Online Meeting Request (01:28) | Conferencing | Voice and Video| New for Students! Preconference Setup in 2013 (2:19)

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Join an online meeting


Click the Join Meeting link in the email invitation. Internet Explorer as the default browser works best and allows the link to open in the Lync client. Other browsers only open the meeting using the Web app with no audio or video options.

Click the meeting entry in the Exchange calendar.

MS Attendee (Windows only)

For those Windows users without the Lync application, Attendee has most Lync features: video, audio and desktop sharing. Participants click the Help link in the invitation for installation. It is recommended this be done before the meeting begins. Attendee will automatically join subsequent meetings.

Web App (Windows or Mac)

Text and desktop sharing only; no video, audio or PowerPoint presentations.

Participants who do not have Lync or Attendee installed can join a meeting through the Web app.

Click the Join Meeting link, and the Web app automatically joins the conference. The Help link opens further instructions. A participant may be prompted to install the Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in.
Pop-ups need to be allowed for the meeting site.

Learn more

Install Lync Attendee (Windows) | Use the Web app (Windows or Mac)

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Share the desktop

Open the stage

From the Share drop-down menu, choose Open Stage.

Share a program or presentation

Once shared, participants can edit a spreadsheet or document together, show a video or PowerPoint presentation.

Open a whiteboard

Participants brainstorm simultaneously using the whiteboard. Annotation tools are at the bottom of the window.

Conduct a poll

Ask the participants' opinion!

Give control of your desktop

Allow other participants to begin presenting your open document using their mouse and keyboard. Stop sharing at any time with the click of a button.

Learn more

Sharing & Collaboration | New for Students! Real-Time Collaboration in Lync 2013 (2:59)

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Download Lync


Lync is part of the software image for ECU-owned systems. The download is also available from the ECU Download Center (on campus).

For home use, faculty/staff can purchase a work-at-home Office 2013 suite from the Dowdy Student Store which includes the Lync client.


Lync is a part of the Office 365 student subscription. 


Want to go mobile? See the Lync support mobile client page for instructions. Participation is through text only.

Please note that the 2013 mobile version does not currently work for users. Also, neither Lync 2010 nor 2013 allows dialing in to a meeting through a phone number at this time. Remember that your passphrase must be reset every 90 days!

Upgrading to Office 2013 (Windows)?

You will need to uninstall Lync 2010 before upgrading to Lync 2013. This can be done through the Windows Control Panel.
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Register for training

Online practice is available by request for yourself or your group. Contact Belinda Perkinson, 252.328.9190.