TrueCrypt - Accessing an Encrypted Volume

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TrueCrypt - Accessing an Encrypted Volume

How to open an Encrypted Volume

These steps are for TrueCrypt files on your computer or on a removable device like a flash drive.


Step 1: Open the TrueCrypt application either from the removable device (flash drive) or from the Applications menu. 


Step 2: In TrueCrypt, click on "Select File..."


and locate your encrypted file. Click "Open".




Step 3: Select any number in the slot list on the far left of the window. Click "Mount".



Step 4: Enter your password. Click "OK". 



Step 5: A new volume named "No Name" will appear on your desktop or in your Finder window. Store data in that file. 

TrueCrypt-mounted          TrueCrypt-files



Step 6: When done working with the Encrypted Volume, either click "Dismount" inside the TrueCrypt Application or eject the file by dragging it to the Trash.


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