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TrueCrypt - Making it Portable

Making a Portable Encrypted File

This method encrypts the entire flash drive. Normally, after encrypting a Flash Drive with TrueCrypt, you cannot use it on another system unless it has TrueCrypt installed. This method will show you how to store the TrueCrypt application on the Flash Drive so you can run it from any computer.

TrueCrypt can be run on Windows, OS X and Linux. The same encrypted volume that you create below can be accessed from any of those systems.


Step 1: Install TrueCrypt  on your computer

Step 2: Insert your Flash Drive. Open Macintosh HD > Applications folder and copy the TrueCrypt application to your Flash Drive. 


Step 3: Create an Encrypted Volume


Step 4: Copy the Encrypted Volume to the flash drive


Step 5: Start using the Encrypted Volume

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