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Please wait to install El Capitan 

ECU Mac Users Should Wait to Upgrade (posted Wednesday, September 30, 2015). OS X El Capitan, Apple’s latest operating system upgrade, is being officially launched today, September 30. However, ECU users should wait to upgrade to this newest version until all testing with ECU systems is complete. Remember, if there are incompatibilities between El Capitan and your installed applications or hardware, there is no downgrade option. The only solution is to re-image the machine and start over. Therefore, please wait to upgrade until testing is complete.

You updated Outlook – now the Outlook window does not display. Here's the fix:

Upgrade Your ECU Mac System - Faculty/Staff


  1. Verify the system is ECU-owned.
  2. Verify that system applications are up to date and compatible with the new operating system. Visit the manufacturer's website.
  3. Log in to the IT Help Desk service request system and complete the Mac OS Request Form. See the screen shot to the right.
  4. Back up all system data.
  5. Gather together all software disks and licenses. You will need to reinstall these after the upgrade.
  6. A technician will contact you to set up an appointment.
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