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Free, Secure Online Storage with ECU

ITCS offers two options for online file storage.


Every student, faculty and staff has a personal 40GB Piratedrive folder to store important files such as class assignments, meeting minutes or research proposals. With password-protection, security, daily backup and availability on- or off-campus, some users opt to save all their work files to their Piratedrive folder rather than a work or personal computer.

Departments can request a Piratedrive folder (capacity 50GB) to store departmental information. For detailed information, visit the Piratedrive pages.

ECU Outside

ECU Outside is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server designed specifically for ECU faculty and staff to share information with non-ECU collaborators or others without a PirateID. Sensitive information (personnel, HIPAA, etc.) is strictly prohibited and cannot be stored on ECU Outside.

ECU Outside is not intended as a replacement for shared drives, such as Piratedrive or SharePoint. Visit the ECU Outside page for more information on requesting and accessing ECU Outside space.

All activities using any of these options must conform to the ECU Academic Computer Use Policy and the University Student and Employee Computer Use Policy.

Please Note: Users should not store ECU information with any non-ECU cloud storage service. Read these security considerations to learn why.

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