Access Piratedrive Using a Macintosh

All Mac Users


  1. Log in to OneStop using your PirateID
  2. Select the Tools >> Personal >> Piratedrive link
  3. Instructions to upload, download, delete and navigate through the folders are available onscreen

Pirate Port

See this Pirate Port blog post for accessing Piratedrive.

OS X - Finder, Fetch and Firefox


  1. Go > Connect to Server (Apple+K on your keyboard)
  2. Type this address: smb://Piratedrive/HOME
  3. At the log in prompt enter the following:
    • Workgroup/Domain = intra
    • Username = PirateID
    • Password = Passphrase


  1. Hostname =
  2. Username = intra\PirateID
  3. Connect using = FTP
  4. Password: pirate(email) password

User Resources

Admin Resources