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ECU Outside FTP Server

ECU Outside is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server dedicated to collaboration between ECU faculty/staff and non-ECU users (or anyone without a PirateID). ECU Outside is designed to be a solution when SharePoint is not appropriate, either due to the size or amount of data to be shared.

ECU Outside is not intended as a replacement for shared drives, such as Piratedrive or SharePoint. ITCS strongly recommends you only place data on ECU Outside that is to be shared with external users.

All activities using ECU Outside must conform to the ECU Academic Computer Use Policy and the University Student and Employee Computer Use Policy.

Data Access On Campus

ECU personnel with a PirateID access data through a mapped drive or through FTP. External users with a PirateID also access the data if they are connected to the ECU network.

Data Access Off Campus

All users (ECU or external) must use FTP to access data. Once space is assigned, an FTP path is provided to the requester. No access is allowed through the ECU VPN.

Data Restrictions

Sensitive information (personnel, HIPAA, etc.) is strictly prohibited and cannot be stored on ECU Outside. Sensitive documents should be stored in departmental folders on Piratedrive. Access to data stored on Piratedrive via ECU Outside is not possible. Only non-sensitive data is permitted on ECU Outside.
Please visit the IT Security Sensitive Data website to learn more about storing sensitive data.


  1. Two administrators are required - a primary and backup. Admins are responsible for maintaining folder security and controlling user access permissions. Admins are responsible for ensuring that no sensitive data (HIPAA, personnel, financial, etc.) is stored in the ECU Outside folder.
  2. Administrators will remove user permissions for those who no longer require access to the ECU Outside folder.
  3. Folder administrators are responsible adding and removing guest account permissions as appropriate.

Temporary or Permanent Storage

Temporary storage is non-recurring storage for a fixed amount of time (up to 90 days). There is no charge for temporary storage, and data is deleted at the end of the fixed term.
Permanent storage is available for purchase through department funds.

Request Space

Complete the ECU Outside Storage request form in the IT Help Desk online service request system. After the folder is created, users are sent the FTP path.
To request the PirateID for a non-ECU user, complete the ECU Outside User Account form in the IT Help Desk online service request system. These requests are first reviewed by IT Security, then processed. Users are contacted once the account is created.


Faculty, staff and outside collaborators


Temporary storage (up to 90 days) - Free
Permanent storage - Varies according to service. Contact the IT Help Desk to request a consult for your storage needs. 252.328.9866 | 800.340.7081.

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