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Office 365 for Students - Frequently Asked

How do I get started using my student email?

  1. Your PirateID is sent to you by letter after your acceptance at ECU. It is your last name + first initial + year of admittance.
    Example: PeeDee Pirate's PirateID = piratep14 | email address =
  2. Use your PirateID username to log in to Office 365 email, Blackboard, Pirate Port, Banner and more.
  3. Register your PirateID at the passphrase maintenance website and set up security questions and passphrase.
  4. Next, log in to using your PirateID and new passphrase to access your Office 365 account.
  5. Click the Settings icon (upper right corner) to find how-to resources and software downloads.
  6. You are required to change your passphrase every 90 days.

I can't log in to MyMail. What should I do?

Please check the following:
  • Reset your passphrase at Wait a few minutes then log back into your email at
  • Close your browser and then open a new browser session. Log back in to If you have a Hotmail or other mail service linked to your MyMail account, your browser may still be logged in to that account. A new browser session should correct this issue.

How can I reset my student email passphrase?

Go to to reset your passphrase.

Does my MyMail account have a mailbox quota?

You have 50GB of mailbox space with your Office 365 account.

Where do I receive help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at 252.328.9866/1.800.340.7081 or visit the ACE Student Computer Support Center nearest you.

What if my email stops sending/receiving after a software update?

In most cases, the best way to fix this is to delete the account from your phone and set it back up from scratch as an Exchange account. This applies to both Android and iOS devices.

I receive the message that my passphrase is incorrect or expired.

You are required to change your ECU passphrase every 90 days. You will also need to update this passphrase on your mobile device to be able to log in to your email.

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