Office 365 Features

Find your Office 365 features below. Then read on for details.


Faculty and Staff


Microsoft Office Desktop

Your subscription includes five downloads of Microsoft Office (full version) for your personal computers, both Mac and Windows. The installs are active until you graduate, retire or leave ECU. Connect to the internet at least once every 30 days to verify the subscription.

Only full-time employees and enrolled students are eligible for the Office downloads.

  • Students: After graduation, email and OneDrive transition to the alumni account. Office for your Mac or Windows computer no longer work, and documents become read-only. Files saved to OneDrive are edited through the Office Online apps.

  • Employees: Before you exit ECU, any work documents saved to your personal device should be forwarded to your supervisor. Office no longer works after your ECU account/PirateID is disabled, and documents become read-only. See this account deactivation schedule for more information.


Training and Resources
Visit the Microsoft Training Center for quick tutorials on all the features of your Office 365 subscription. Learn what's new in Office 2016 or focus on learning one app. Even better, learn how to seamlessly use all features and devices together to be more productive.

OneDrive Cloud Storage and Office Online

  • store up to 1TB
  • access files from any device using a browser or the mobile app
  • share files with ECU and non-ECU users
  • create new documents using Office Online
  • sync files - you control which folders and files to sync*
  • Restore the previous version of a OneDrive document
  • visit this Microsoft website to learn more about OneDrive
  • graduating students keep the same OneDrive folder when email transitions to the alumni account
  • staff accounts are disabled upon ECU exit or retirement

*Sensitive data should not be stored in OneDrive for Business. OneDrive is approved for FERPA data related to student/instructor collaboration only.

ECU provides the 40GB Piratedrive and DatAnywhere for sensitive data storage, collaboration and sync.

Other Useful Office 365 Apps

Learning tools for OneNote and Word Online

Accessibility/usability tools. Toolbar add-in for OneNote 2013 and 2016

Immersive Reader for OneNote (also available for Word Online)
  1. Windows 7 and Windows 10
  2. Comprehension button displays grammar and syllables for text
  3. Reader can increase or decrease text size and line spacing as needed
  4. Background/foreground color options available
  5. User can speed up or slow down reading rate
  6. Multiple languages available
  1. Available in Windows 10 OneNote only.
Learn More:
Keep track of class projects.
Connect with other Pirates on the ECU Yammer social network. Your instructors may also set up special Yammer groups to be used with a course. Available through Office 365 or direct Yammer login link.

Class Notebook
Organize course content into a notebook with space for you, space for each student and space for all of you to work together. See this overview from Microsoft.
According to Microsoft, "Delve helps you discover the information that's likely to be most interesting to you right now - across Office 365." See this Microsoft article to learn more about Delve.