Office 365's Inclusive Features

“Inclusive design” means just that—tools allowing users with diverse abilities, languages and environments to more easily consume your online content. Microsoft’s Learning Tools for OneNote and Word Online are free toolbar add-ins for these operating systems and devices:

Windows 10 Laptop/Desktop

  • Immersive Reader for OneNote - Reads text out loud
    • Text will be grabbed from images, if available
    • User can speed up or slow down the reader
    • Words are highlighted as they are read
    • User can click anywhere in the document to begin reading
    • Text can be read in several different languages
    • User can increase text size and line spacing as needed
    • The background/foreground colors can be changed as needed
    • Parts of speech and word syllables can be highlighted in the document
    • User can change to a sans serif font
  • Dictate - User records spoken word as a text document in OneNote.

Windows 7 Laptop/Desktop

  • Immersive Reader for OneNote. See above for features
  • Dictate not available in Windows 7

iOS Mobile

  • Immersive Reader for Office Lens. Captured documents are read out loud
    • Capture a document (take a picture of it through the app)
    • Export to Immersive Reader
    • Makes text searchable


  • Immersive Reader for Word Online - available from the Edit in Browser mode in the View tab

Don’t see either Immersive Reader or Dictate in your Word Online or OneNote? Keep checking, as new features are rolled out from Microsoft in incremental steps.


  1. Learning Tools for OneNote website
  2. Learning Tools in Word Online website
  3. Word Online and Office Lens mobile app