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OneStop Goes One Better

As the upgrade for the decade-old OneStop, Pirate Port is a customizable, image-rich, secure Web portal that allows students, staff, faculty and prospective students to access secure internal campus resources and services.

Users drag and drop widgets to customize their personal page. Apps, like Piratedrive,open in a separate window.

Watch an Introduction Video (02:54)

Pirate Port Introduction

Steering Committee

George Bailey, IRCC
Amy Barber, Registrar
Daniel Blumberg, Human Resources
Devin Cenekofsky, Student Rep
Zack Loch, ITCS
Belinda Perkinson, ITCS
Jennifer Raby, ITCS
Jeremiah Reid, ITCS
Matt Smith, ITCS
Jill Twark, IRCC
Angela B. Wilson, Systems Coord


Apps - Open in a new window

  1. Personal piratedrive access (both on and off campus)
  2. Department piratedrive access (both on and off campus)
  3. Scheduler - Request an advising appointment
  4. Student Abstract Submission
  5. Student Portfolio (iWebfolio)

Widgets - Add to your Pirate Port page

  1. Banner Self Service Links
  2. ECU Alert
  3. ECU Course Offerings
  4. ECU News
  5. ECU Radio (WZMB)
  6. Greenville Weather
  7. Pay history

My Pages - Manages Pirate Port pages

  1. Magic Move - Auto-arranges widgets on your personal page
  2. Add page - Add a personal page
  3. Remove - Drag and drop widgets to remove from page

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