International Travel and Collaborations

Please contact the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance 

for guidance and vetting prior to travel.

For reasons of national security and foreign policy, federal export control laws regulate the shipment, transmission and transfer of certain goods, technology, software, technical specifications, data and services to foreign nationals and foreign countries. Foreign travel and the conduct of business with certain countries, entities and individuals are also restricted by these laws.

The reach of export laws and regulations on a college campus is broad. Export control regulations may apply when faculty, staff or students:

  • Ship or hand-carry items to locations outside the U.S. – this includes but is not limited to ECU-issued laptops
  • Travel to certain sanctioned or embargoed countries for research or teaching
  • Transfer export-controlled technical data to persons located outside the U.S.

Authorization in the form of a federally-issued export license may be required prior to travel outside the U.S. depending upon items taken, countries visited, purpose for travel or whether services will be provided to foreign nationals.

Please contact the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance for guidance and vetting prior to travel.


Norma Epley

Sierra Fountain
Administrative Support Specialist


ECU faculty and staff who plan international travel on behalf of ECU should submit the International Research Collaboration form to determine whether additional approval, licensing or other coordination prior to departure is necessary for export control purposes.