Telephone Services - Billing and Administration

History: February 15, 2012
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1. Introduction

1.1. Budgets

Each department is responsible for maintaining a sufficient budget to cover all telephone expenses, network connections, including wiring additional stations to support new devices.

1.2. Standard Installation

The Infrastructure Services department will bill all installation fees to budget account numbers specified by the requesting department.

1.3. University Maintenance

If the assistance of the university's Facilities Maintenance Department is required in the installation of telephone services, appropriate charges are made to the repairs and alteration budget account number of the department receiving services.

1.4. Local Service

Service requested that is not within the capabilities of Infrastructure Services, if available, will be provided by a contractor under the supervision of Infrastructure Services. Installation charges will be billed by the Infrastructure Services department. Thereafter, recurring charges will be rendered in May or June for the entire period of July 1 through June 30.

1.5. Long Distance Charges

All toll charges for long distance services are billed monthly by the Infrastructure Services department. A separate bill is furnished for each extension and is sent to the respective department for approval prior to payment.

1.6. Approval of Bill

Each department is responsible for insuring that all long distance calls appearing on their monthly bill were made while conducting official university business. Possible fraudulent use of the university telephone system should be identified to the Department of Infrastructure Services for investigation.

1.7. Errors in Accounting

Errors must be reported to Infrastructure Services in accordance with instructions accompanying the bill by submitting a Help Desk ticket.

1.8. Credit

After verification of an error, credit will be determined within the end user and the assistance of Infrastructure Services.

1.9. Changes in Local Billing

Telephone charges may be redistributed by submitting a properly approved Help Desk ticket with the Infrastructure Services Department with identification of extension number involved an new budgetary information.