Planning an IT Purchase for your Department?

Departments using state-appropriated funds to purchase computer desktops and laptops are required to order through the Combined Purchasing Initiative (CPI) program.

Approved in 2010 by the UNC-General Administration, the Combined Pricing Initiative saves money through the combined purchasing power of the entire UNC system.

Please Note:

Non-state-appropriated fund purchases for Standard Configuration systems must use the ECU PORT Marketplace e-procurement system as a punch-out for either Dell or Lenovo.

Non-Standard configuration computer systems-regardless of fund-are required to submit a Computer Request Form via PORT.

  • Currently, only desktops and laptops/notebooks are purchased through this program. Tablets are not included in the CPI program at this time.
  • See the latest Computer Specifications list of standard desktop and laptop configurations. These choices meet diverse computing needs but reduce the total cost of ownership. They also meet EPEAT/Energy Star requirements.
  • ECU recommends Dell and Lenovo computers as the campus standard as specified in UNC-GA standards. These standards also include upgrade options to meet the performance requirements of faculty and staff. View ECU standards through the Dell and Lenovo punch-out lists in ECU's PORT MarketPlace e-procurement system.
  • PC desktop and laptop computers purchased with state-appropriated funds must be ordered from the CPI-approved "Preferred Vendors" list.
  • All Standard and Non-Standard computer orders are placed through the ECU PORT MarketPlace system-NO VOUCHERS, PERSONAL REIMBURSEMENTS OR PROCARD PURCHASES ALLOWED.
  • Hewlett-Packard purchases are allowed through the CPI program; however, they will not receive the advanced level of support that Dell and Lenovo receive as the preferred campus vendors. HP products are purchased using the Computer Request Form (located in PORT) with an attached quote detailing the configuration of the computer system.
  • Departments not purchasing with state funds are still encouraged to use the CPI program. If purchasing Standard Configuration computers with non-state funds, the requisitioner must use the PORT punch-out to create the order. All Non-standard configuration purchases should be submitted using the Computer Request Form (located in PORT) with an attached quote detailing the configuration of the computer system.
  • ALLOWED: Change order requests of purchase covered by CPI can include a quantity change (increase or decrease) and a cancellation of the order with a justification that meets the current cancellation policy.
  • NOT ALLOWED: Change order requests covered by the CPI and NOT ALLOWED include change in the FOAP, vendor name, line item unit pricing, line item substitutions and additions with the exception of quantity.
  • Only standard configurations are allowed for purchase except when non-standard configurations are required for special research, teaching or administrative needs. Total exception expenditures may not exceed 20% of the total state funds actually used. All non-standard purchases, regardless of funds, must be approved by the University CPI Exceptions Committee.
  • Apple desktops and laptops are not part of the CPI program at this time but may be purchased through the PORT MarketPlace e-procurement system. Also, they are not included in calculations related to the 20% limit on exceptions.

  • The ECU Dowdy Student Stores now sell Apple iPads and iPad accessories to ECU departments. All purchasing guidelines apply. For more information, visit the IT Purchasing home page.