Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot add an ECU collaborator to my survey project.  How do I accomplish?
You cannot add an account that does not exist; therefore, the ECU collaborator must create his or her account FIRST at the Qualtrics login page.  After the account has been created, you can then select and add the ECU collaborator.
There is no Submit button at the end of my survey. How do I add a Submit button on the last page of my survey?
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There is no Save button that allow users to exit the survey and continue later. How does the Save and Continue functionality work when enabled?
Every time a user clicks the Next or Back button in the survey, their current progress is saved automatically. If they are accessing the survey through the generic survey link that appears when clicking "Distribute Survey," this progress is saved in a browser cookie. The user can come back if they click on the survey link in the same browser on the same computer. If they are accessing the survey through a unique link sent out by the survey mailer, the progress is saved on Qualtrics' end, and they can access it again from anywhere.
What is the difference between the generic link and unique link?
The generic link is the survey link that appears when you click "Distribute Survey." You can copy this link and paste it into your email or onto a website. Anyone who has Internet access can click on this link to access the survey. When you use the survey mailer, participants each get their own unique survey link, which can only be used once and cannot be shared. Unique links help keep track of exactly who is responding, since the participant's email address will show up their response.
My Qualtrics emails are going to my "Junk Email" folder. How can I fix this?
Junk Mail is handled by Outlook. Therefore, it is recommended that you add the email to the safe sender's list as follows: Right-click the Qualtrics email message in the "Junk Mail" folder and select "Junk Email." Next, select "Add Sender's Domain to Safe Sender's List" to ensure all of your Qualtrics emails are marked as safe. You could also opt to disable junk mail filtering by navigating to the "Tools" menu, selecting "Options," selecting "Junk E-mail..." and selecting the first item "No Automatic Filtering..."