Account Requests

ECU official faculty, staff and students with a PirateID may self-enroll and create an account from the Qualtrics login page. You must use your PirateID credentials. Non-ECU accounts cannot be used. This account is immediately available to create and distribute surveys.

NOTE. Are you a student worker creating surveys for a faculty/staff member or a department?  If yes, the survey should be owned by the faculty/staff member.  You should still create your own Qualtrics account, but the ownership of the survey should be handled in one of two ways:

  1. You create the survey and then request the survey ownership be transferred to the faculty/staff member with you added as a collaborator.  You can continue building the survey as normal. OR
  2. The faculty/staff member logs in and begins creating the survey (minimum of survey title) and then adds you as a collaborator. You continue building the survey as normal.


Be sure to use the ECU login to create your account. Do NOT create an account at the Qualtrics site-You will not have access to the surveys or data you create there.