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ECU Qualtrics Terms of Use


Qualtrics Account Deactivation: Your ECU account at Qualtrics will no longer be accessible when your ECU PirateID account is no longer accessible.


  1. Monitor your content.
  2. Educate users that you give collaborate permission to.
  3. Adhere to the university policies and guidelines.


East Carolina University requires that all studies must conform to standards set by FERPA and HIPPA or any other legislation or legal requirements.  Data about the person's identity must be kept strictly confidential and must not be used. 

East Carolina University requires that all data collected or stored in Qualtrics meet the federal HIPAA and FERPA compliance standards as well as other federal, state or industry requirements. Qualtrics is not HIPAA Compliant and is not approved for collection of HIPAA, FERPA, and other personally identifiable  sensitive or confidential data.  As a research best practice all sensitive or confidential research data should be de-identified prior to collection or use.  Please follow IRB research guidelines and contact the ITCS Helpdesk @ 328-9866 and request an IT Security Consultation if you have questions concerning appropriate protocols for the collection and storage of sensitive or confidential data.

I WILL NOT use data that includes but is not limited to the information below:

  1. Social Security Numbers (SSN)
  2. Credit card numbers
  3. Debit card numbers
  4. Driver’s License Numbers
  5. Personally identifiable patient information
  6. Personally identifiable student information
  7. Personnel information
  8. Confidential legal data
  9. Proprietary data that should not be shared with the public
  10. Employer taxpayer identification numbers
  11. State identification card numbers or passport numbers
  12. Checking account numbers
  13. Savings account Numbers
  14. Personal identification (PIN) codes*
  15. Digital signatures
  16. Any other numbers or information that can be used to access a person’s financial resources.
  17. Biometric data
  18. Fingerprints
  19. Passwords

For more comprehensive information on FERPA and HIPAA please visit the following websites:

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