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January 17, 2018
REDCap Mobile App Now Available

The REDCap Mobile App is now available for your tablet or mobile device and allows REDCap data to be collected locally on that device without the need for an internet connection (either WIFI or cellular signal).

Once you are granted mobile app privileges for your project, download and install the app on your device. Next, set up the project in the app. Data can then be collected while offline and later synced back to the REDCap server.

For more information contact


December 8, 2017
New Service Helps Users With Forms and Calculations

Need Help with your REDCap Form Design? Stuck on a calculation or want to do a more advanced form or instrument?

The REDCap team is now offering a new service for form design. Contact the REDCap team for more information at


September 1, 2017
Add Multiple Fields to a Report Simultaneously

When creating a REDCap report, how do you quickly add multiple fields?

When creating the report, click the Quick Add button in Step 2, and a list of all fields in your instrument displays. Check all fields for the report. When finished, click Close.

Note: Deselect unnecessary fields to remove them from the report.

Have questions? Email the REDCap Administrator.

REDCap Quick Add button