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Campus Technology - Engaging Students in Virtual Learning

Campus Technology

In previous articles in this series, an overview of using Second Life for higher education, we saw a surprisingly active community of enthusiasts. We looked at the varying levels of activity on virtual campuses, and we looked at how Elon University incorporates the building and presentation tools of Second Life into class projects. In this installment, we take a look at another active virtual campus--East Carolina University.

Campus Technology - Interactive Instructional Design in a Virtual World

Campus Technology

Elizabeth Hodge, Associate Professor, Distance Education, East Carolina University College of Education

George Holston, Special Projects Coordinator, Instructional Technology, East Carolina University College of Education

Sharon Collins, Project Manager, Academic Outreach, East Carolina University

Pieces of Eight - ECU Hosts Second Life in Virtual World

Campus Technology

East Carolina University students can now meet, "face-to-face," with classmates living in other time zones, teleport to a foreign country, even hold class discussions in a waterfall â€, all from the comfort of their computer desks.

Through an online program called Second Life, ECU has created a virtual campus to enhance communication and...

Compounding the Results: The Integration of Virtual Worlds with the Semantic Web

Campus Technology

Over the past 20 years governmental use of web-base information and technologies has continually expanded taking advantage of the Web's vast, ever-expanding volumes of browser-accessible information.   Now infuse two new technologies, the first of these espouses a world where semantic-powered applications...

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Vol. 2 No 5

Advertising 2.0: Social media Marketing in a Web 2.0 World

Campus Technology

The following article was contributed by Dr. Tracy Tuten, author of Advertising 2.0: Social Media Marketing in a Web 2.0 World. Dr. Tuten is Associate Professor of Marketing at Longwood University. Her research interests include Web-based survey methods, branding and identity, and online advertising. She serves on the editorial review board for Psychology and Marketing...

Virtual College Tour in Higher Education: Second Life Style

Campus Technology

My College Guide discovered a slew of Second Life campus tours on YouTube â€, and we thought you might like to see them.  You won't believe the ways in which the college campus has been reinterpreted within these virtual worlds...

Seeking Second Life in Hospitality and Tourism Education: An Exploratory Pilot Study

Deale, C. (2010).Seeking Second Life in Hospitality and Tourism Education: An Exploratory Pilot Study, Research Proceedings of the Southeast Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education, 14 (2), 24-27.

Published Books

The Virtual Worlds Handbook: How to Use Second Life® and Other 3D Virtual Environments

Campus Technology


Elizabeth Hodge, PhD, Associate Professor, East Carolina University

Sharon Collins

Tracy Giordano




Virtual Reality: Vehicle for Pedagogical Advancement - (Elizabeth Hodge/Elisabetta Eitelberg and Sharon Collins/Scarlett Sismondi) - The presentation will address the multitude of innovative pedagogical strategies available through the use of Second Life. What makes delivering course material in a virtual environment so beneficial to today's students is that it offers the interactivity, real-time interaction and social presence that students of all ages have come to accept and enjoy in our gaming rich community.

Merlot 2008

Virtual Reality: Vehicle for Recruitment & Retention New Paths: Expanding Teaching and learning Opportunities with Web 2.0 Presenters: Elizabeth Hodge, Sharon Collins

As educational institutions embrace new technological tools as a vehicle to facilitate learning, teachers will be able to sustain their role in the classroom and advance learning through interactive instructional design. With this in mind, educators must evaluate the various forms of technology tools and their use in virtual worlds. Teaching and learning in virtual worlds provides 3D graphics, voice and interactive learning methodology. The use of virtual worlds such as Second Life for educational purposes are on the rise today and East Carolina University is embracing the new education paradigm.

2010 Think-In

Campus Technology

Elizabeth Hodge and Eric Kisling, College of Education

Sharon Collins, Nick Kesick and James Regan, Information Technology and Computing Services Shades of Second Life

Academic and Business Research Institute Conference - 2010

Maureen Ellis: "Learning to Teach in Second Life:  A Novice Adventure in Virtual Realty Abstract for Proposal"

Teaching and Learning with Technology 2010

Bob Green: "The Chadwick Puzzle"


Campus Technology

The Virtual Worlds in Education Conference held in Second Life in November of 2008 provided 175 faculty and administrators from around the world with the ability to communicate and share their experiences on teaching, learning, and technology support. This presentation will review challenges and successes encountered in organizing and presenting the conference.

The Virtual Worlds in Education Conference

Brown, A., Hodge, E., Kisling, E., & Collins, S. (2009). The Virtual Worlds in Education Conference: Lessons Learned from Conducting an International, Peer-Reviewed Conference within Second Life. Educational Technology, 49(3). 33-36

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education, VWBPE 2011

Experiential Learning in Second Life: An Application in Retail Management

Christy Ashley, Sharon Collins, Susan Thornton

 Abstract: In an effort to promote critical thinking in a Retail Management class, Second Life was used to simulate real-world experience developing and executing elements of a retail strategy. Student groups created retail store concepts and outlined the store's target audience, unique selling proposition, merchandise assortment, store design and display. After the proposed retail strategies were brought to life by a team from Information Technology and Computing Services, shoppers were invited to the mall. Students' avatars provided customer service and observed the competition as the number of visitors and items transferred to shoppers were tracked by store. Students were asked to analyze the performance of their stores relative to other students' groups, with an emphasis on the impact of store design, customer service, merchandise and displays on shopper behavior. Students were assessed on their analysis and the reasoning behind recommendations. The manuscript concludes with student feedback and instructor reflections, as well as recommendations for future adaptations the exercise.

2011 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

Campus Technology

Virtual world technologies provide platform for interaction between on-campus and online students: A case study

Charles J. Lesko, Jr. Ph.D., PMP

2010 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

Campus Technology

Data in Depth: Web 3-D Technologies Provide New Approaches to the Presentation of Course Content

Charles J. Lesko, Jr., Ph.D. and John L. Pickard

2010 PMI Research and Education Conference

Campus Technology

Integration of 3-D Web and Semantic Web Technologies: A New Structure for Communications Plans

Charles J. Lesko, Jr., Ph.D., PMP

2009 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

Campus Technology

Design Considerations for Virtual Classroom and Laboratory Environments

Charles J. Lesko, Jr., Ph.D. and John L. Pickard

2009 Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) SITE Conference

Campus Technology

Developing a Second Life Academy: Bridging the Implementers' Learning Gap

Charles J. Lesko, Jr., Ph.D., PMP &

Yolanda A. Hollingsworth, MSW, MLS

2009 ASEE Southeast Section Conference

Campus Technology

Enhancing the Distance Learning Experience: Designing Virtual Classroom and Laboratory Environments

Charles J. Lesko, Jr. Ph.D. and John L. Pickard

Interior Design Educators Council

2010 Annual Conference


A Second Look at Second Life: Relevance for Interior Design Pedagogy