Skype for Business

Skype for Business is included in the Office 365 student subscription.
Faculty and Staff
Skype for Business is the instant messaging app on campus Windows and Mac systems. Also, in collaboration with your Outlook calendar, Skype shows your presence status: Available (green), Away (yellow), Offline (gray), Do Not Disturb (red), etc.
Skype for Business is part of the latest software image for ECU computers. Mac users can also download the installation file and certificates from the ECU Download Center.
To learn more about Skype's IM features, visit this Skype IM tutorial.

Start an instant message (IM) text conversation

Find a contact
Type a name into the find someone text box. Right-click the name to add that person to a contact group.
Determine availability
Easily determine someone's availability by checking for a green check next to their avatar (picture) in Outlook or Skype for Business. Red or yellow indicates that person is unavailable. Presence is determined by your ECU calendar, or you can manually update your status through Skype for Business.
Instant message a contact
Double-click or right-click a contact name and type your message into the text box. Enter sends the message. Right-click a user's name in an email to add their name as a Skype for Business contact.
Learn more
Introduction to Skype for Business (01:40) | Presence and IM (1:38) | Presence and IM Quick Start Guide (pdf)
Add others to an online discussion
To invite more contacts to a conversation - click the participant button in the text interface or use the keyboard shortcut, ALT+V.
See this screen shot.

Share the desktop

Add an Attachment
Share a file during a conference or IM conversation from within the chat window. Click the window button and choose the paper clip icon under the Attachment tab.
Open the stage
From the Share drop-down menu, choose Open Stage.
Share a program or presentation
Once shared, participants can edit a spreadsheet or document together, show a video or PowerPoint presentation.
Open a whiteboard
Participants brainstorm simultaneously using the whiteboard. Annotation tools are at the bottom of the window.
Conduct a poll
Ask the participants' opinion!
Give control of your desktop
Allow other participants to begin presenting your open document using their mouse and keyboard. Stop sharing at any time with the click of a button. Note: If you give control of your computer to another participant, that presenter has control of your whole computer.