Sensitive Data Scans

What data is the scan looking for?

The scans are looking for Social Security Numbers, (SSN), Credit Card Numbers (CC) and Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI).

How does the scan identify the data?

The scan looks for data patterns for identification. For example for SSNs, pattern xxx-xx-xxxx would be identified.

Why is ITCS scanning my computer?

The campus no longer uses SSNs for identification but now uses the ECUID. Some users are finding that they have old data files stored on their computers that still contain SSNs. The scans are designed to assist campus users in identifying those data files and files containing CC and EPHI. Where appropriate, the user can delete the files or ensure the appropriate security controls are in place.

Will my data be copied?

No. The software uses an agent to scan the computer. The agent detects the pattern and sends information only if there is a match. The computer name and type of data found on the computer is sent to the software console.

Will the scan affect the performance of my computer?

No, the scan will not affect your computer’s performance.

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please email and someone from the Identity Theft Protection Committee will contact you.